Technology and Dating: Where Love and Power Come Together

Love is as old as humanity. Technology is as new as today. And where those two concepts meet, all sorts of interesting things happen. Particularly when it comes to technology and dating, it’s fascinating to see the intersection between old and new.

Take a moment to think about dating services, wedding and engagement rings, scammers and malware that associate with love and technology, and how digital meetups can be used as icebreakers, particularly for shy people or folks who have trust issues about the real world.

Technology dating

Dating Services

When you sign up for today’s modern dating services, you are in for a real smorgasbord of information and intrigue. Dating services can be based on appearances, location, common interests, or a million other factors combined. You can look at age, career choice, future financial prospects – if that information is available, it will be presented to you on a silver platter. And then, you have to find out from among the people who fit with you digitally, which ones really make sense. Dating is an entirely different beast these days, but technology will help pull you through the path.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wedding and engagement rings are still a thing. And technology comes into play in a few different ways. First of all, you can search for engagement rings online quite easily. You don’t necessarily have to go to a jewelry store anymore. And also, there’s a lot of modern laser technology that is used to do the actual cutting of jewelry these days. Some of the design work that is possible through precision cutting is absolutely unbelievable. If you want to do customization, new technology allows you to take whatever is in your mind and create a perfect jewel that illustrates your emotional expression.

Staying Away from Scammers and Malware

Unfortunately, the good parts of technology and love also bring bad parts to the table. It’s no surprise that people lust after love. And scammers can take advantage of people who don’t understand how to protect themselves. Banner ads, unsolicited emails, and random text messages can all come flying at people with the promise of love, entertainment, or some intersection of those ideas. Click on the wrong link, and you’re that much closer to getting your identity stolen or being billed for a service you don’t necessarily want.

Digital Meet-ups as Ice Breakers

For shy people, the technology involved in love today makes a lot of sense. Digital meetups can be much better icebreakers than trying to meet someone in person. And even sending photos back and forth are a good way to get to know people before taking that step of actually talking to them. Introverts and extroverts approach this topic differently, but technology can help you out whichever part of the spectrum you’re on.

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  1. Seems like modern technology runs so deep in our daily lives. I suddenly find it extremely hard to imagine my life without smartphones, computers, and most importantly, the Internet.

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