The Technology Process Behind Jewellery Design


Jewellery has been a vital part of the human culture. It has adorned the human race since time immemorial. For thousands and thousands of years, it was a form of expression, wealth and status. With the human evolution, the jewellery design also went through the evolution. You can now buy gold earrings online. Earlier flowers, shells, beads and bones were used to craft jewellery. As time moved, the metals were moulded and tamed with jewellery designs. Soon the skill evolved and more intricate designs developed slowly.

Jewellery Design & Manufacturing

The professional peak of centuries past is being replaced by stylish electronics equipment and computers in design and technology. Their masterpieces are however sought after by those who can afford them for their uniqueness and superior artistry. CAD (Computer-aided design software) is utilized to create jewellery items like gold earrings for women. CAD does not replace traditional techniques of making masters by hand entirely but is rather used in jewellery manufacturing to cut the expenditure, to create masters of jewellery items that have been unfilled out to cut gold content and to save gold wastage created by filling and offcuts.

3D Visualisation Before Production

CAD produces images in a number of different angles as well as the rendered image allowing both the designer and the customer to visualize the final design and make necessary alterations before any manufacturing is started. Once the design has been approved by the customer it will be printed in wax using a 3D printer, a form of additive manufacturing technology where a three-dimensional object is created by successive layers of material, in this case, wax.

Hallmarking the Jewellery Items

This wax model that has been created is used to cast the gold earrings online item in the required metal and the correct size. To finish the process the item is filled, buffed and pre-polished to a high standard and then hallmarked. All the jewellery in silver above 7.75 gram, gold 1 gram and platinum above 0.5 gram in weight should be hallmarked. After the hallmarking process, the item will be stone set if necessary and given a final polish.

Jewellery Design Courses

It is some relief to know that their unique high level of skills in casting, filling, forging, sawing and soldering to form gold or other precious metals, even up to its polishing, which was usually acquired by deserving artisans from guild apprenticeship, are now offered by Jewellery Design Schools. These schools make use of 3D computer-aided designing tools and other modern technologies to help the transfer of skills.

Reflect Your Own Persona

For those who most value jewellery, customized jewellery offers the chance to create and own something that is as unique as the person they are. Day by day, the choices you make, about the clothes you wear, the accessories you carry, the colours and shapes that you enjoy adorning or surrounding yourselves with, are all reflections of your taste and character. Commissioning a modified engagement ring or customized wedding ring is one way for you to make your gift unique and personal, and with modern 3D technology, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

Final Words

Nowadays, jewellery design stands as a creative expression. The technology revolution has made the jewellery items available and affordable. Synthetic gemstones have replaced the highly valuable and treasured gems. Design and creativity were now of essential significance. Fashion jewellery online exhibits each piece in a way that it emits its magic charm on the customer and lures him to buy it right away.


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    • I recommend you to publish a review of your software with us. It will be a win-win situation for both of us.


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