3 Technologies Making an Impact on the Success of Online Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has come of age. From a handful of companies in the 90s to being an industry worth over 100 billion dollars, the growth of the gaming industry has been remarkable. Interestingly, online gaming companies have been the front-runners when it came to adopting the new-age technologies. Be it big data technologies or the increased adoption of artificial intelligence or machine learning, the gaming industry like online rummy is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to attract more customers and increase user engagement.

online gaming technology

Let’s delve a little more with information on how 3 important technologies have influenced the gaming industry helping them grow surpassing the expectations of market analysts.

Big Data technologies

With companies having started waking up to the huge potential of Big Data technologies, games companies have already made headway in this direction. Reputed rummy sites churn out nearly 10 terabytes of data month from over a couple of hundreds of millions of player interactions. These online rummy websites have a treasure trove of data that could be used to understand player behavior.

Today, rummy portals are leveraging Big Data techniques to process raw structured and unstructured data and draw valuable insights for actions. This has enabled them to anticipate a player’s needs and build personalized gameplay. In addition, they are able to build immersive and engaging user experience by analyzing data using Big Data technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI was the buzzword for the year 2017. Although AI has been around since the 1950s and been part of gaming all these years, there is limited adoption of AI techniques. Gaming companies are exploring ways to develop more realistic games by increasing the interaction between the players and the environments. Currently, the gameplay is a set of pre-defined scenarios where neither the player is able to give live inputs nor the game is able to have an interaction with the player.

In the future, with AI, the games will become more intelligent and may not require actual human beings for playing multi-player games. As the AI system gets better so will the games turn out to become great games? The days won’t be far away when even people with no coding expertise will be able to develop their own games using AI. In the days to come, AI will enable game characters to become intelligent actually rather than appear-intelligent.

Machine Learning

Being a subset of AI, machine learning aims at giving machines access to data, draw inferences and learn by themselves. With the advancement in machine learning, gamers are aiming at personalized gaming experience for their players by taking into account data based on each player’s behavior. The machine would be able to learn on its own by taking into account the feedback obtained from the environment. This promises a great advancement in the field of gaming and helps companies improve player experience.

Final thoughts

While these technologies have managed to create ripples in the gaming industry with instances observed in the rummy industry, it would take some time before we get to witness change waves sweeping the industry with great impact.

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