8 Tech Skills That Can Help You Earn Money Online

The world is quickly going digital, and the corporate space is quickly adapting alongside it. Thanks to the internet, people can now procure and sell services without setting up physical offices or going through the paperwork hassle. There are several skills that make money online. You only need to create a portfolio, get on LinkedIn, or sign up to any of the hundreds of freelancing platforms and tell the world what you have to offer.

Tech Skills That Make Money Online

Skills that make money

That said, the online job market is starting to get crowded, meaning you have to take the time to find a unique skill to exploit in order to gain an advantage. Below we have listed eight tech skills you can learn and make a livelihood out of:

1. Web design

The web design market is brimming with experts, but the demand for services is also surging. Now is the best time to launch yourself into the game. Everyone – from individual service providers to small partnerships through to large corporations – is looking to bolster their online presence, and that starts with creating a website. You can take advantage of this by taking a web design course and targeting the startups and small business owners.

The good thing about web design is that it doesn’t require you to be a master of programming anymore. Platforms such as WordPress and Wix provide you with templates, and all you need to do is learn drag-and-drop basics and stay abreast of the market trends.

2. Database administration

If you fancy working with data, database administration may be an excellent place to start. Database admins are charged with managing the storage, access, maintenance, and security of an organization’s data. Most top employers require that candidates have a bachelor’s degree in a technology-related field, preferably information technology or computer science.

Given the lengthy job description of a database administrator, you need to make choices early on to abridge your course and ensure you are doing something you like and are good at. For instance, if you have no coding background, you have to choose a programming language to start with. Popular options include Python, JavaScript, Java, C, C#, C++, Swift, Go, R, and PHP. Additionally, you have to choose a web framework and database management system (DBMS) from an extended list of options. This PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server comparison can help you understand the basic features and factors to consider when choosing a DBMS. It will also give you useful insights into two of the most sought-after databases in the world.

3. Image editing

The most marketable people on the internet are those with a variety of skills, as organizations often look for versatile individuals who can handle most of their IT needs. While image editing is too brief to be considered a specialty, adding it to your repertoire can give you an edge over other tech experts.

You can start by getting the hang of common graphics editors such as Adobe Photoshop through online tutorials, and then maybe enroll in a graphics or design course.

Things you can do with an image editing certificate include:

  • Creating digital marketing visuals
  • Designing and creating logos
  • Editing photos

Tech skills that make money

4. Mobile app development

The mobile app market is growing at an incredibly fast rate, and app development services are understandably in high demand. It’s safe to say you will face stiff competition setting yourself up as an app developer, but given the unlimited pool of ideas to exploit, there is a significant chance you will make good.

Mobile app developers are expected to be good in programming and familiar with the various programming languages, including Java, Python, MySQL, HTML, and PHP. They are charged with a sizable range of responsibilities, but their duties typically revolve around creating, maintaining, and implementing the source code for mobile app development based on client specifications.

Developers may also be involved in prototype designing and laying the blueprint for other app developers.

5. Information systems security manager

Contrary to popular belief, information systems security management is not a strictly in-house job. You can do it online for the many companies that rely on work-from-home personnel.

An information systems security manager’s responsibility is to coordinate, oversee, and review operations in an information systems security department. Their specific roles vary depending on the organization they work for, but their job description will revolve around these tasks:

  • Developing cybersecurity strategies and enhance the reliability and security of IT projects
  • Managing lower-ranking security experts
  • Assessing and testing new information security tools and technology
  • Preparing cost estimates

6. Digital marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t exactly require you to be a tech expert, but to succeed, you need to know your way around the internet and have a nodding acquaintance with user behavior and the digital space dynamics. In general, digital marketers are charged with using various digital channels – from company websites and corporate blogs to social networking platforms – to build brand awareness and generate leads.

Additionally, they may be required to use analytics tools to identify market gaps and weaknesses to streamline their marketing campaigns and advise administrators on the best course of action regarding sales activities. As a digital marketer, you may be responsible for a single aspect or select elements of your company’s digital marketing strategy.

General areas of expertise include video creation and editing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, data analysis, and design thinking.

Skills that make money online

7. Cloud engineer

Cloud computing is the future, and the future is now. Cloud engineering has recently surged in popularity, and even small data-driven companies now have entire departments dedicated to maintaining cloud infrastructure.

Cloud engineers are IT professionals responsible for the planning, monitoring, and management of cloud systems. There are three types of cloud engineers: cloud developers, SysOps engineers, and solution architects.

Solution architects build applications and infrastructure. They are also responsible for the migration of applications from local storage systems to the cloud.

Cloud developers are basically programmers charged with developing, deploying, and debugging cloud applications. Their role calls for expertise in writing code and using containers to develop cloud-based applications.

System operation engineers (SysOps engineers) are system administrators whose responsibilities come after the design and development phases. They require expertise in system administration, monitoring, and auditing on virtual platforms.

8. Graphics designer

Graphic design is often seen as a sophisticated and hard-to-understand concept, but it isn’t as difficult as people make it seem. Much of what a graphic designer does is to tell stories through visuals. Their specific duties include:

  • Scheduling physical or virtual meetings with clients to discuss projects and their scopes
  • Using photo editing tools, digital illustration software, and layout software to develop designs
  • Selecting colors, typefaces, fonts, and images to convey the desired message
  • Providing art directors and clients with design concepts
  • Updating and correcting designs to align them with stakeholder specifications
  • Reviewing finished designs to identify oversights before publishing or printing


Technology has simplified operations and created job opportunities that were not there a few decades ago. The list of tech jobs you can do online for money is endless. You only need to identify what you are better at than the bulk of the population and launch yourself into the game. If you are a complete tech novice, it would be advisable to make your choice based on competition and marketability.

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