The Tech Industry is Right for All Types of Graduates

India has advanced its economy from one that deals with the tertiary services of other countries and into a highly advanced tech industry. There are now 3.9m tech workers in India, with another 2.5-3m job forecast by 2025, according to the Government of India. It means that there’s going to be a huge range of opportunities for students across the country.

What might surprise you is the fact that the tech industry is not just for computer science types. Technology is transforming lives and opening doors from people of all educational disciplines. Finding your niche in the burgeoning tech industry could be easier than you think.

Fintech industry graduate jobs

How is Fintech transforming the world?

One of the biggest players in today’s tech industry is Fintech. Transforming the financial services that everyday people rely on, the Indian Fintech industry will reach US$73bn in size by 2020. It will offer services ranging from everyday banking to conventional private money arrangements, to peer loans and everything in between.

Whilst the programming aspect of these new services and apps comes down to computer science graduates, there’s a huge range of roles for others. For instance, humanities students can flourish through marketing – projecting the benefit of these new services will be crucial to overturning big bank dominance. Project managers are important, too, to direct the brains behind the projects, and have a role to play across many different tech projects.

Project management officers

As outlined, the minds behind the intuitive tech that forms the basis of modern applications often require direction. According to the Times of India, there will be a 70 lakh shortage of project managers by 2028, based on current figures, and this opens the door to many graduates. Project management is commonly associated with the humanities, but anyone with good problem-solving faculties and the ability to think logically and strategically will benefit from a career in the industry.

The impact of new regulations

With the transformations that new tech causes, so come regulations. Services often cut across multiple sectors and impact on different areas of regulation, and there are several key regulatory considerations for tech startups in India. As such, this opens the door for those studying law, business, and economics. Either as a strategist or counsel, there are numerous opportunities for those with a good grasp of law to be useful to up-and-coming tech businesses.

As the tech industry booms in India, it will drag lots of other industries in with it. You are not as a student constrained to your subject and its typical career paths. Assessing tech businesses in your sphere of influence and adapting could net you an intriguing and worthwhile career.

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