Best 5 Simple Steps for SAP Certification Exam Preparation


The SAP certification exam is one of the most popular as well as most reputed certs to take. With the vast syllabus and the time constraint, some professionals find it extremely difficult to crack the same at a go.

SAP Certification Exam Tips

Expert tips at hand and top hacks of disposal you can easily try and crack SAP certification exam without having to take much stress.

SAP certification exam tips

1. Study Material

To begin with, you will have to be prepared to study — a lot. Best preparation material is the right SAP course that can be found on the website certification and in addition to the same, you will have to back the training up with a few months of solid experience. The notes you get on the course stand out to be useful. Therefore, in case you have not tried writing them down you should actually go ahead and get the entire batch from someone who has carefully written the same.

2. Detailed Information about Topics

Secondly, you will have to fetch out as much information as you possibly can, before the exam itself. On the SAP training website and you will have to search information about the topics, which are covered awaited given to the sample as well as the cutoff marks and the number of questions, you will have to attempt. In short, you will have to get the hang of the pattern of SAP certification examination before sitting for one.

3. Number of Questions

Once you do this back and research, you will be able to understand how the sections would be broken down and the final pattern of questions for SAP certification exam. This will let you frame an idea how many questions would be on different sections that are part of the exam.

4. Use Trusted Website

Make sure you are not laundering away money on sites that will actually claim to provide you exam questions. Use of the right sites out there and these questions are downright useless and often misleading.

5. Time Management

Make sure you do not skip any time of the allotted span in the examination. The general SAP examination easy questions to be covered in about 180 minutes. Therefore, you can rest assured that the time you get to complete the paper is more than sufficient. In any case, do not be foolhardy to leave early even though you have finished the paper. Check and double check.

Important tips to keep in mind here is that some questions will require you to give a couple of answers and once you stick to just one you will be given zero marks for the same.

Use the right exam tools to track and bookmark your questions. This helps you in understanding what questions need you to come back for more intense thought and a reattempt later.

Make sure you do not end up wasting exam time in an attempt to memorize questions so that you can share with someone later.  These hacks will actually make you easier to plan and prepare for your SAP certification examination. The best bit is that it results appear in almost an instance via a simple print out, post taking the test.

Once you after the exam make sure, you contact SAP for getting the logo that says SAP-certified to advertise on your resume for life.


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