Step by Step Guide to Fixing Any Google Penalty – An Infographic

Google Penalties are like a fever. They make your life miserable and disrupt your usual routine to the extent that you’re not able to achieve anything significant during the tenure of your illness. Like a fever handicaps your body, penalties literally cripple your website, reducing your regular traffic down to nothing. Fortunately, all illnesses, mild or severe, can be effectively cured given the right dosage of prescribed medicines. Fixing any Google Penalty may need more attention.


First and foremost, it is crucial to understand why you fell sick in the first place. Did you post something you weren’t supposed to? Was it the overall content? Have you been adhering to Google’s guidelines? If you haven’t then you’re sure to receive a penalty and if you don’t diagnose them quickly, it could be fatal. Common indicators signaling a penalty are often found in the Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). Also look out for a sharp drop in your website traffic or one of your pages or your entire website getting de-indexed.

Like with all ailments, it is important to know the nature of your sickness. There are two types of penalties, namely – Manual and Algorithmic. It is necessary to know how each of these penalties is issued, how they affect your website and how you can get rid of them. Once you have figured out which one of these penalties have affected your website, you can start the healing process.

Penalties are usually issued due to thin content, unnatural links, and/or other black hat SEO techniques. Here is a step by step guide to fixing any Google Penalty.

A Step By Step Guide To Fixing Any Google Penalty


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