How to Solve Your Website Support Problems for WordPress?

So, you’re trying to squeeze in last-minute changes on your Wordpress website, click on something…and all of a sudden, the whole thing is gone. Everything. Especially if you’re the developer and you have basically no idea what happened. What do you do?

Website support

Search for the Error Message

Sometimes you can find a solution quickly by looking up the error message, plus the keyword “WordPress”. Sometimes you’ll find a quick fix, like disabling an updated plugin via FTP, that will bring your site back up immediately. Sometimes the solution is far more time-consuming. Or, maybe you are only familiar with your Wordpress interface, and don’t even know what FTP is!

Call Your Web Hosting Tech Support Line

Almost every hosting service offers free website support services. Sometimes these services are limited, though. For instance, if you have Wordpress installed on a plan that may not be specifically labeled “Wordpress Hosting,” your web host may tell you they don’t offer website support for Wordpress. If you’re having trouble getting the site to load, or issues accessing via FTP, that maybe something they’ll be able to help you with. It’s getting far more common to hear that they don’t offer website support for Wordpress itself. Hosting tech support has even been known to suggest posting in forums to find an answer. That means you still have a problem and no immediate fix.

Restore Your Site From a Backup

Some web hosting companies include an automated backup service, so you can also ask their tech support to restore your site from the most recent backup they have. However, this isn’t a feature included in every website hosting plan. (And even if it is, chances are your site runs incredibly slow while it’s being backed up.) A majority of the time, you will be responsible for making your own backup files, and using those to restore your site. You can either do this manually, using FTP and phpMyAdmin or purchase a plugin to help you with this process. You should be aware though, that not every plugin provides a quality, complete backup. And sometimes the things that get altered can cost you a lot of time to fix, like the ones that skip your SEO or e-commerce settings. Then you have to find a way to go back and fix all that after having to go through the hassle of restoring your entire site manually. If you have a big online shop, and that backup didn’t get all the data from that, your site may technically be running….but you may end up having to restore your online store manually.

Use Premium Website Support Services

Companies like Team WP Sekure offer an incredible amount of website support services for a very reasonable price. If you do run into an issue that makes your website crash, they give you the ability to immediately restore from a daily, automated cloud backup. Cloud backup is a great feature, because, in addition to not slowing down your site while it’s being backed up, your backup is accessible to you from anywhere, 24 hours a day. In addition to features like the easy to use backup and restore, Website support services also take care of the security and maintenance headaches that many people don’t want to deal with. They check your site daily. They make sure that your site always has the latest available updates to protect against hacking attempts. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have premium support available to you is well worth the minimal cost involved. Keep your website safe, secure, and backed up at all times with expert website support.

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