Six Social Media Trends to Look Out for in Year 2019


Expected social media trends can change the world. New Year brings new things with it, and in every aspect of life, you will see change every year. In the modern age we are living in, it is the age of the Internet, and if you go on the web, the sites you will see dominating the web are social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Tumblr and many other social websites have attracted billions of users from all around the world. If we ask regular internet users to live without social media, then it would be very hard for them these days.

Social media has become a massive marketing tool as well, it is the most affordable tool to market your business, and it is very efficient as well. Your social media experience in 2016 was much different from what you experienced in 2015, and now again, the features and trends you are going to experience in 2019 are not going to be the same as you experienced last year. Every year social media websites bring anything new to you. So, what are going to be the latest trends for this year and what new experience you are going to get?

Social Media Trends in 2019

Social media trends

Here are the top six social media trends to look out for in 2019.

Live videos

Today almost all the social media websites are offering live feature and those who web sites, who aren’t offering it, will be offering this feature in the future. The live feature of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has been a great success and almost every user is taking advantage of it. You can now see many live shows running on Facebook, and you feel just like you are watching TV. So, if you are not yet using the live feature, you need to use it because at the end of 2017 every other person will be using the live video feature. Live videos are an even greater influence on business accounts. You can use this feature for your business account in many positive ways.

Ephemeral photos and videos will become more common

We all know that the first one to introduce ephemeral photos and videos feature was Snapchat. But now you can see many other sites using this feature as well. The idea of sharing a message that lasts for just a few seconds was very creative and with Snaphat making a big success out of it now we can see Instagram and Whatsapp following the step as well. In fact, recently Facebook messenger also added the feature for story sharing. So, it is quite clear that this trend is becoming popular very quickly and by the end of 2019, many other social media websites are going to get it as well. So, to catch up with everyone else, start using this feature right now.

Use social media tools for marketing purposes

Social media marketing will definitely work well and countable in social media trends in the year 2019. It is a great way of marketing your product, and if you are trying to run a successful social media campaign, there are some things you will need to follow correctly and you will need a lot of knowledge about your audiences as well. These things have now become easier for users with the introduction of many social media tools. There are many tools available online that are specially designed for social media marketers. These tools help you to manage multiple accounts, they give you insights to your audience, and they assist you in scheduling a post as well. So, social media tools will become necessary now for running a successful marketing campaign on any social networking site.

Brands will start to connect more with the customers

With the boom of social media and social media marketing touching new heights customer care is becoming challenging, and it is not getting any easier to interact with their clients all the time. In 2019 brand and customer interaction on social media will change, and brands will start to reach out to customers through messengers. Now you will be able to connect with your clients quickly on Messenger and Whatsapp. Many new technologies have been introduced, and they are helping in making customer care better. You will be able to reach out to a brand through messengers, and you can easily ask your queries there, and you can also get brand information as well. 2019 is the year when brands will start to reach out to their customers through messaging services.

But wait! If you want brands to reach out to you, you must have a significant social media presence. There are many ways to grow your presence and one of them is that you buy some followers and likes. Brands really look at the number of people following you. If you have a large following base, you will win a lot of new sponsored projects.

Instagram will dominate Snapchat

Instagram has been on the rise since the last year and is improving rapidly. Last year in August Instagram introduced its story feature which was just like Snapchat, and it proved very useful for them. The users from Snapchat have started to move to Instagram because it has suddenly started to look even better than Snapchat. On Snapchat you can only share your current moments, but Instagram gives you both the story feature and as well as pictures sharing feature. Also, Instagram has so many cool filters that give the app an advantage. So, it looks like in 2017 Instagram is going to overtake Snapchat. Instagram already has around 600 million users today, and around 50% of businesses are using Instagram as a social media marketing platform. Therefore Snapchat needs to start introducing new features if they need to stay alive in this fight.

Social shopping will become more common

Well, we all know that online shopping is on the rise as well and now people have started to buy stuff online more and more. Though e-commerce is the way to go and there are different websites available for shopping online now, but social media sites will change the trend. Now people will start buying products directly from social networking sites. The shop now button introduced by many sites like Facebook and Instagram is making things even different for online shoppers. Now you can shop directly from the platform where you saw the advertisement. So, go ahead and start shopping through Facebook now.

These are the upcoming social media trends and you can take advantage of time.


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