3 Awesome Smart Mattresses That Use Technology

Might you be looking for a fantastic method of improving your life, sleep, and health? If so, you need to get a smart mattress. I used to suffer from lack of sleep, and I couldnโ€™t get comfortable enough during the night. However, these problems were put to rest once I bought a smart mattress.

Below is a list of the three best smart mattresses I came across. Once you go through them, youโ€™ll find that they can easily monitor your sleep routine and improve your overall sleep experience.

Smart Mattresses for Better Life

1. Eight Sleep Smart Mattress

Eight Sleep - Smart Mattress

With Eight Sleep, you have a slightly more unique smart mattress. I found that its smart cover sets it apart from other similar mattresses. It has exciting features, such as:

  • Bed warming – Here, you can set the most appropriate temperature for both sides of your bed.
  • Sleep Trends – You can quickly monitor your nightly data and sleeping behavior.
  • Home Integration – I love that I easily connect other smart devices to my bed.
  • Smart Alarm – Wake up every morning at your time of choosing.
  • Comfort Options – You can pick from three different technological eight sleep mattresses.

The Eight Sleep mattress also comes with four layers of foam. First, youโ€™ll find the reactive foam, designed to remain cool. It also has a supportive transition foam for consistent and equal distribution of weight.

Do you love soft mattresses? Well, this is a feature that I like to see in all smart mattresses. The eight sleep has the contouring memory foam, which offers you a pressure-relieving and super soft sleep experience. Besides, itโ€™s a firm mattress because of its high-density support foam, which improves breathing by adequately aligning your body once you go to sleep.

2. ReST Smart Bed

ReST Smart Bed - Smart Mattress

ReSt is a smart mattress thatโ€™s meant to assist you in recovering quickly. Reviews from trymattress.com show that an excellent smart mattress is one that supports almost all pressure points in your body. It should fit your specific body type to avoid muscle complications once you wake up in the morning.

I love that with ReST Smart Bed, you can use a mattress application. Here, you can adjust your level of comfort and support for areas such as shoulders, head, leg, hip, and back. Other interesting features include:

  • ReSTdash – The application feature updates your unique sleep routine.
  • Patented Fabric – Assists in monitoring your specific pressure and shape profile.
  • Sensors – Monitor more than 2000 pressure points through its medical-grade level sensors.
  • Whisper air system – You can quickly adjust the air slowly to the five zones of the body.
  • Tablet – Each bed has a tablet that shows your entire sleep data.

3. Sleep Number 360

Sleep Number 360 - Smart Mattress

My son loves cool stuff, and once we went mattress shopping, Sleep Number 360 was his best pick. Itโ€™s designed to keep you comfortable throughout the night. It even senses your bed movement and adjusts the firmness, support, and comfort features as you sleep!

He couldnโ€™t stop talking about features such as:

  • Feet warming – Do you sleep faster once your feet are warm? This bed quickly pre-warms both sides of your bed.
  • Sleep monitoring – The 360 application gives you complete information, especially on your sleep quality.
  • Snore Detection – The foundation raises once it detects snoring. It’s quite impressive, right?

Which is your best pick of the three smart mattresses above? Well, I think eight sleep is the best mattress according to how it uses technology. Its smart cover and ability to connect to other smart home devices are just some of the features that drew my attention.

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