4 Reasons Why Sharing Blog Posts on Social Media is Important

Value-added content in a form of blog posts can give your business the much-needed exposure and attention. If optimized well, your search engine rankings will shoot upwards. Many business owners forget the need to reach as many people with quality blog content. With limited exposure, a blog post can deny your venture access to huge traffic. As such, you need to look for practical ways to share your blogs on social media.

Sharing blog posts on social media

Growth Of Your Venture

With social sharing, your prospects take a turn for the better. Whether you include social sharing buttons or promote your blog on your Facebook profile, your business reach will expand almost automatically. Simply put, if you leverage the interest of a customer who has a big following on Twitter or Facebook, the conversion rate is likely to go up.

Today, marketers are aware of the huge perks of sharing blog posts on social media platforms. Over 55% of shoppers aged 21-35 will rely on social media to communicate with your business. It’s advisable that yours isn’t left behind when it comes to providing useful insights via blogs. In return, sharing posts means giving your customers all the reasons to convert and spread the word about your products and brand superiority.

To understand sharing on social media, it’s important to think about the impact of sharing content on a social media platform has. When shared, your blog has the potential of going viral. This means the traffic; your brand reach and conversions will favor your expectations and boost returns. Remember, the more people see your posts, the better your chances of conversion are over your competitors.

Identify Critical Social Signals

From a search engine perspective, the prominence of a link comes off as an algorithm-ranking factor.  Its strength is evaluated based on the number of times that a post gets shared, liked, or reposted on social media. If your value-packed content gets a large number of hits consistently, it’s bound to improve its social media ranking where rich keywords are concerned. With relevant social share buttons embedded in your posts, users will consistently share your content and make you the go-to authority in a given niche.

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, the idea is to get as many users to take note of your brand. The truth is thousands of potential clients looking for your products/services are yet to find you. With social share buttons, you effortlessly reach out to new clients who in turn expose you to their existing friends and networks. The end result can only be a stream of qualified leads, if not better conversion rates.

Fosters Exceptional User Experience

For your ROI to improve, there is a need for businesses to fast-track and streamline customer engagement. Users tend to keep off ventures that make engagement such a nasty experience. For instance, make your blog easy to access. Include search features and filters that lead customers to the exact product and service categories they are looking for. Make your content as appealing as possible such that your customers don’t have to think twice about sharing it.

Social sharing your blog post or content to influencers isn’t about exposure alone. You create the right environment for real growth. Ignoring the power of social sharing and denying your followers a chance to share your content further can diminish your competitive edge significantly. To get high rankings and draw hordes of traffic to your brand, sharing your blog posts becomes inevitable.

Leverage Huge Traffic Pools

Today, social media behemoths like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram houses millions of users who can redefine your revenue statistics if you invest in the right blog post sharing strategy and tools. It’s not a complex undertaking, but if you are stuck, proven social network checker tools and professionals can provide insights and the best blog post sharing tactics.

Blog post sharing on social media is more than cost-effective. You reach out to a huge pool of traffic that is free. It’s wise to post content and share it at different times of the day. As long as the target audience is appropriate and relevant, it shouldn’t take long to see positive results. Remember, reposting your content and re-sharing it from time to time will give you the much-needed attention, traffic, and an amplified revenue stream.

4 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Sharing Blog Posts on Social Media is Important”

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    Radhika Shah

    Social media Marketing is all about the presence on social platforms and it’s growing importance for the businesses Being able to build word of mouth advertising is an essential aspect of viral marketing, and social media makes that process go faster than ever. Today with Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram, there are a number of options to choose from. And while options are good, choosing the right platforms is crucial.

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    Sandra Adam

    Sharing blogs on social media is very much important. Nowadays people are more active on social media platforms. So if we share our blog on social media it will definitely reach to the people and get traffic on your blog.

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