Seven Things Most People Get Wrong about SEO

SEO may not be an entire complex field, but due to the changes in technology and the concerns of a shift in the algorithm for search engines, SEO calls for a lot more keenness.

Despite such concerns, the fundamental standards of SEO have remained the same over the years, with the underlying requirement being consistent and deliberate efforts to the improved website for search engines and target audience.

While businesses and SEO experts chase the newer trends of SEO, some people and newcomers remain stuck on a couple of misunderstood concepts. Here are seven points that most people get wrong about SEO:

seo wrong practices

SEO is a gimmick scheme

Optimizing results to realize high rankings on search engines and double your traffic sounds like a publicity stunt by SEO experts and webmasters, which cannot be further from the truth. The truth that people silence is that SEO does not yield results one-off.

To enjoy the top position on search engines, you have to take up the different best practices of SEO over a certain period, and such an effort cannot be shunned off as a gimmick scheme. The idea of performing better than your competitors for etching your website for perfect user experience is not a simple one. Concentrating on white hat SEO is what makes the difference between ranking high for SEO and ranking for trickery in deceiving search engines.

Spending little on SEO is better for an effective strategy

SEO is by far a cost-effective strategy for increasing the visibility and presence of a brand online. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the less you spend on SEO techniques, the better the results you anticipate.

In the internet space, there is a lot of competition you need to stay ahead if, and sometimes, free SEO cannot always get the job done. You may need to pay to play, and even though that does not mean spending all your money in the course of optimization, you should not be mean with investing in optimization.

While carefully spending to avoid risk, remember that none of the SEO efforts go to waste, and they all add up to the long-term cause of improving visibility, realizing growth and catering for a bigger audience as a brand.

Internal linking does not matter

While focusing on link building, most website owners overlook the essence of internal linking, because really, what is the point of referring people to previous content you have shared before?

The truth is, Google relies on the fresh content you share to index your site. Internal linking is a strategy you can use to signal Google of your previous work since you deemed it valuable for a re-share. This way, you provide search engines with a lot more information to crawl by rediscovering more of your web pages.

Further, internal linking provides more value to your target audience by giving them relevant information related to what they are looking for at that moment.

SEO is an easy practice

A couple of people look at SEO as an easy task that anyone can perform without any knowledge and experience, which is not entirely false. Some SEO techniques like joining social media and consistently sharing fresh content strike off as easy.

On the other hand, every technique in the practice of SEO calls for a level of commitment and expertise. Take quality content as an example. It is not just about sharing new information with your audience, rather, it involves the little aspects that add up to enrich a piece of material, including, multimedia, graphs, structure, language, tone, niche, the angle of approach, among others. It is for such reasons that SEO should necessarily be taken lightly as a natural and effortless practice.

SEO is only about high rankings

Most businesses hide behind the excuse of not seeking fame, which is why they do not practice SEO for the reason that they do not care so much about high rankings. Quite the contrary, SEO covers more than just the position of websites on search engines.

Good SEO should help you create a solid foundation for your website by improving the overall experience that a user enjoys when they visit your site. Ideally, working on your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) is a great way to put your audience first and providing the ultimate value.

While you work on increasing the speed of your website, cutting down on redirects and page errors, providing top-notch content, among others, you enjoy the aftermath of your efforts, which is more conversion rates, a higher traffic flow, and a more senior position on search engines. 

Quality content is all you need for your website

quality content measures

The phrase ‘content is king’ is a popular one in the world of SEO, with website owners believing that high-quality content provides excellent value to the audiences while mapping their site pages top in search engine results. While there is some truth in that, content is not the only determinant of a successful SEO strategy.

You may be providing over-the-top quality as concerns content, but if other factors do not follow in, your content may not realize the anticipated attention. For one, that information needs to be highly shareable so it can be in front of an audience that needs it, and not just wander in the shadows of your web pages.

High-quality content should be followed by timely sharing, audience engagements, conversations and brand mentions, optimized images, among others.

You can accomplish SEO alone

Some business owners joy on working as loners, tagging in this concept in matters of SEO. while you can do a lot of the best practices of SEO on your own, it takes more than one party to achieve the best.

Typically, link building is paramount in a successful SEO campaign, and this demands the involvement of people, sometimes even competitors. To earn backlinks and brand mentions calls for interacting and relationship building with your customers, potential clients, employees, and more importantly, other website owners. With good PR, you should be able to create large networks to secure your variety of content sharing opportunities through link building.

Remember, your competitors are not always your enemy. They can inspire you into redirecting your site in the right direction and give you reasons to always be on your toes as to matters optimization.

It is clear from this article that there is more to SEO than people give it credit for. For more on SEO best practices and keeping tabs on your site’s performance on SERP, check out

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