Tips to Secure Technology Systems like a Security Guard


You could see your friend or partner bringing out a new gaming console, computing device, smartphone or tablet, but most of the time, you would see people lagging in terms of security stands a big issue for you while using these technology systems. Despite getting some of the best devices from bigger brands you brought home under the technology tree, you could end up securing less. Thanks to the growing number of cyber crooks who invent smarter ways to enter your devices and steal your data to wreck all havoc.

However, if you choose not to follow the preventive measurements to safeguard your technological based stuff, you are bound to face the problems. These come in the form of data theft and software pitfalls, which lead to data loss. Luckily, you have a number of simple and key tips, which help in securing your technology like a security guard. Let’s check them out as under:

Look Behind Secure Technology Systems

Secure technology systems

1. Lock your technology devices

The very basic tip to consider while securing your technology based devices is to use powerful and strong passwords. Be it a tablet, smartphone or your laptop, securing it with a strong and complex password can help you in giving the cyber crooks tough time to enter inside the said devices. However, securing your devices without any good password can easily give the cyber criminals the chance to peep inside it and do the damage. While choosing the same always avoid using the passwords like 12345 or your name with birthday date, etc. This can easily help the cyber crooks to try out the password giving things simple on the plate.

2. Keep your device updated

Any technology based device whether it is a smartphone or your traditional desktop witnesses a number of updates from their manufacturers. All you need to do is to keep abreast with the updates as they are meant to shield the vulnerability in your software or operating systems and thus keep away from the cyber criminals in entering inside your computing devices. If you are seen frequently updating your system, the cyber crooks can face tough time to enter your devices breaking the secure technology systems enabled by the updates coming the manufacturers.

3. Get the back up

If you seen anyone stealing your smartphone or laptop, or you lose it somehow, you are certainly going to lose all your data including vital papers, music tones and pictures instantly. However, if you have stored the same at any external hard drive make sure it comes with proper password protection. Lastly, even if you stored all your data over the spaces like Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive or Google Drive, make sure you protect the same properly so that you do not end up losing or getting misused the same.

4. Be prepared to wipe it clean

If you have any technology based devices like laptop or smartphone being stolen, you would certainly like to clean up the data or simply want to disable the same. So, be prepared to lose your data and as said earlier, if you have the backup you may at least not regret for losing it along with your device. There are certain preventive measurements, which can lock up the entire device, which means that it will turn up with no use to the person who has robbed your technology stuff.


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