With hundreds of themes to choose from, one might think that selecting the perfect would be a no-brainer, but this is not usually the case. Different companies might found, difficult to attract users to the site. SEO experts are always looking for something different to engage users to the site. So how can you stop your website from falling in desert and start getting the maximum users to the site. The answer is the criteria the methods, you use on your site to attract customers. Often many sites lack some basic features and in result they fail to attract or engage users to their prestigious site. In this article, we have shortlisted some of unique secrets which are essential for engaging customers to the site.


Design matters a lot in most of site, when a user opens a site the first thing, that attracts the user is design of the site. So, the better the design the better the customer engagement to the site.. Secondly the main thing that matters in the site is the quality content; the content has to be written in an attractive way. The content of the site should be attractive for the readers, and, the design should possess, excellent typography and styles for comment boxes, widgets, and more. It’s not about the color, because you can change color.

While you’re at it, check about the social media widgets, functionality, you should check whether they are working properly and producing the desired results. If they are included, it’s a good thing, check whether site has built-in options for social media and the style for choosing a topic over another and that includes style and functionality for RSS and registration forms by e – mail newsletters.

Useful For SEO

Most decent themes are optimized for search engines. There are hundreds of site offering such themes for their prestigious customers. If you want to run a quick scan, check the demo version of the site and see how it treats the headlines, and things like category archives. You should, verify that, whether the site has more built in SEO features, so you get maximum Google juice from your blogging efforts. For WordPress site, you can get plug-ins like Platinum SEO, All in One SEO Pack and others to handle the heavy lifting is also great if you can live without it. Check for features like the ability to move pages, change your keywords and descriptions, and use canonical URLs and excerpts from archive pages.

Working with plug-ins

Speaking of plug-ins it is a good thing to reduce load from the site and also from some of the major functions that are directly involve with the subject of the site. This has to be performed with functions like related posts and social media. It’s always a good idea to reduce the burden of plug-ins, but if you have to use plug-ins, you want to ensure that your theme will play well with them. Check the plug-ins folder and see if there are any known issues. It’s heartbreaking when a favorite plug-in does not work with your new theme, because of a piece of code that’s needs to be optimized.

What about Updating.

One of the best tips for choosing the theme is to check the log and see how many times the developer has to update the sites. Try to match the changes, which are always updated. That’s how you will check which major point’s needs updating and which not. If developers do not update regularly, it is likely that at some point an update might break your theme and reduce user attraction. If you are not upgrading, then you have a thing to worry about.

Easy to use

A site must be selected, If you build your site for mobile service, you should ensure that website is going as per directed design, check whether the, SEO plug-ins are properly installed and they are regularly updated. Then it’s time to evaluate the last question , how easy it is for you to use the theme, In responsive theme, it will be easier for you to get a header image, edit menus, including scripts, change colors, change layouts and more. Ideally, it is easy for those who do not want the code, so that the depth of enough options for those who like to get their hands dirty.

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