“Digitization”- this one word has changed the meaning of our life. Over the time, the growing influence and impact of digitization and changing technology have completely transformed our way of living. Up until now, we did things the traditional way, be it recording our data, monitoring it or analyzing it. But thanks to the evolved technologies that we now have, there are a million of ways to accomplish our tasks in an easy and effective manner.

The advanced technology not only makes our work easier, it also helps us improve our performance while making it more efficient and more secure. By using technologies like data encryption and cloud, we have ensured a more secure world for us.

The growth of technologies:

We have come a long way from the time when we used the traditional monotonous ways and techniques for operating, communications, data storage, data security, etc. We are now in an age where it just takes a few seconds to communicate with any distant person and make our operations more secure.

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The advancement in technology has helped us to develop a more compact world and thus provided better opportunities for expanding our business. The involvement of such technologies in our business not only helps in attracting more customers because of our enhanced and better performance, but also builds a way to retain the existing clients and customers to generate better revenues.

Now is the time for using more impactful technologies like the Internet Of Things, cloud computing, data encryption, cloud analytics, cloud storage, data center cloud, data center software, etc.

If you are wondering about the expert that can deliver the best of such services at an affordable price along with providing supportive customer service, then StruxureOn by Schneider Electric is the answer to all your questions.

About Schneider Electric’s StruxureOn:

StruxureOn is a digital monitoring service developed by Schneider Electric to monitor and analyze your data center, proactively minimize downtime and provide visibility into equipment lifecycle. It also gives you the ease to access your data center from anywhere and at any time.

StruxureOn connects the physical assets of data center infrastructure to the Schneider Electric Cloud which ensures fast, reliable and easy delivery, monitoring and access to the data center. If you are looking for an expert that can monitor your critical equipment, give you alarm notification, proactive incident tracking and a detailed report of all the activities going inside your data center along with 24*7 support and instant access to the data center from your smartphone, then Schneider Electric’s StruxureOn is the right choice for you.

Let us analyze the various technologies that StruxureOn can deliver to its users:

1. Internet of Things:

Internet of things or IoT has been the latest buzz in the technical world. It has made the world so technically compact that we now can do anything and everything that we have had never imagined before.

IoT refers to the inter-connectivity of physical devices, smartphones, vehicles, buildings or others (aka connected/smart/IoT devices) that are embedded with sensors, software, or network connectivity that enables them to collect and share data. To put this in simpler words, IoT has linked everything to the internet which means you can access anything from anywhere and at any time.

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To incorporate this technology that holds enormous talent and potential to the people, StruxureOn experts have teamed together to come up with the best outcome M2M communication, machine learning and automatic technologies that work together to create smart and connected machines. Also, it has developed secure connections between people and processes to have a more secure, stable and informative relationship between the business partners. StruxureOn has created a way to incorporate IoT in business and get the benefits of its limitless potential benefits.

2. Digital insights:

There are two aspects that exist in the market and various industries today. The first one being competition followed by the second which is more competition. It has become challenging to sustain oneself in the industry and to retain customers. One really has to standout to make a worthy presence amongst the competition.

To have a good hold over your competition, you must be aware of the impact of your actions and thus you need digital insights. You must be aware of the results that your services or products are creating and therefore you need to keep an eye on the insights of those actions and services. This is where StruxureOn can be your partner. StruxureOn provides you with proactive data-driven analytics and operational insights and this can help in predictive maintenance, reducing equipment failures and costs, and ensuring uptime.

A detailed StruxureOn report contains insights on your data center performance, telling you about how well your data center functions, how you can improve it with suggestions and statistics.

3. Cloud connectivity:

To have a smooth working in any organization, it is very important to have all the team members and employees inter-connected and what could be better than using cloud connectivity for the same.

With cloud connectivity, the employees will not only be connected amongst themselves but will also be connected to any distant person through the process of cloud computing. This inter-connection helps in resolving any problem within no time. Moreover, it can also be used to keep a track of one’s performance and it can be very effective to coordinate between the team members to have an idea of each other’s progress.

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4. Digital and Remote Monitoring:

Imagine how wonderful it will be if someone is constantly keeping track of all your critical infrastructure, alerting you via alarms/notifications when something is amiss, and providing visibility into your equipment lifecycle while you are away from your desk, sleeping at home, or even on a holiday. StruxureOn gives you such liberties. You have the assistance of experts from Schneider Electric who monitor and maintain every activity with the data center cloud The experts from the team will keep an eye 24/7 on your data center with smart alarming, live sensor data, and remote troubleshooting so that you can focus on other important tasks –enjoy fast problem resolution and peace of mind.

StruxureOn is the preferred choice of many people worldwide for in analyzing and monitoring their data center with other digital services and cloud security. The world is using StruxureOn. Are you?

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