How to Use PayUmoney Wallet and Save Money?

Money is important, and so we think twice before spending it. Our elder always suggests us to save money. Saving money is possible in the present time in numerous ways. Today most of us do the shopping and order their favorite food online.

Ordering something online needs a credit card, debit card, or net banking. But there are other options like PayUmoney Wallet. Most of the services do not offer discounts while you make payment except via PayUmoney. So PayUmoney Wallet is an alternative payment option to get a huge discount and save money.

PayUmoney wallet service makes your shopping experience better and easy. There is a number of ways you can take the cashback or save money while you do shopping or order cuisine from your nearby restaurants and pay through the PayUmoney wallet. People who love to do so should have a PayUmoney account and use its wallet service because saving money means buying more happiness for loved ones.

Steps to Use PayUmoney Wallet

It is very simple to have a PayUmoney account like on any other site. You just need to follow step by step instruction given below to register a new account.

1. Land to PayUmoney website ( and click on the SignUp button.

2. On the next page, enter your email.

PayUmoney enter email

3. Next, it will ask for your name, phone number, and password.

PayUmoney enter name phone password

4. It will send OTP to verify your mobile number.

PayUmoney enter otp verify mobile

5. Now you will move to the PayUmoney dashboard. You will receive a verification email.

6. Now verify your email.

7. Now you’re eligible to Add money to your PayUmoney Wallet. So click on the Button “Add Money” given on the top right corner.

8. Enter the desired amount to add and press the Proceed button. It will take you to a secured PayUmoney payment gateway where you can add money through credit card, debit card, or net banking.

9. After successful payment, you can spend the amount on that site, which supports PayUmoney Wallet. There is no need to worry around 1 lakh online shopping stores support this service.

Is PayUmoney Wallet Acceptable?

The most common question is on the merchant / online shopping store where I shall find the option to PayUmoney payment option?

1. Most of the store which supports this service have a tab on the payment page.

2. But others have this option under cash cards/wallets.

You’ve to look for the right one while you are going to pay for purchased products or services.

Often people fear to submit money to any wallet like PayUmoney for their reasons. One of them is they don’t know which sites support PayUmoney Wallet and offer cashback or relevant deals and offer a discount. Here I am going to tell you an excellent website that provides the best deals and discounts while you’re going to pay through PayUmoney Wallet. So no need to worry about finding sites through search engines to avail better discounts and deals.

PayUmoney Coupon Codes

There are a few websites where you can find the PayUmoney coupon codes to save money every time while you make a new purchase online. I believe you’ll get complete satisfaction and suggest this excellent website with your family members and friends to let them save more. This way, you can become a hero among most of them, and they feel thankful to you. Finally, you’ll see the smile on their faces and get complete peace and happiness.

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