How to Save Emails as Legal Document Format


In the world of technology the most common way of communication is via emails. Whether it’s a student or a working person. To communicate there are a number of mailing system or Web Clients are available and at present most popularly known are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Aol Mail, Webmail and etc. which are available online. Most of the email clients are present which you can download on your Windows System and email clients like Windows Live Mail are in build mailing systems comes up with different versions on different Windows OS Versions. Other email clients which are popularly known are- Windows Mail, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, eM Client, Dream Mail, Lotus Notes, IncrediMail, Mulberry, Entourage, Eudora, The Bat, Turnpike, Spice bird Mail, Netscape, Opera Mail, and many more. People use any of these email account according to their need and popularity of the client.

All kind of data is transferred through the help of these mailing systems. Sometimes it is necessary to save emails in legal document format and that too in non-editable form and PDF is the most popular document format to use. If you want to send or save any mail as a legal proof then PDF is the most appropriate format.

Now the question arises, how to save mails as a legal document format?

When you will open any mail in any of the mailing system you can see there an option available “Print”. Click on the Print option and it will take you to the next window there in “Destination” option, click on “Change” and in “Local Destination” select “Save as PDF“. You must have installed Acrobat Adobe Reader to your OS for PDF conversion. But the problem is, it will only save the mail not the attachments and also provide the current selected mail format only and for the single mail only.

Save Emails as Legal Document Format

What if the requirement is to save multiple emails as PDF document?

Some of the email clients like Outlook has option to save particular mail in PDF format but for that Outlook must install in proper way to the correct location and the add-on must be installed properly too, similarly with thunderbird. So for some of the email clients you can search for the add-on for PDF and the proper way of installing location.

But, if you want to save mails from other mailing systems you will have to use third party tool only and for that you must have to take backup of the mails and must know the file format of the mails.

How to take backup of the mails?

Gmail- It provides Google takeout option to download all the data where mails are saved in MBOX format. Read for more information (

Yahoo Mail- You can connect yahoo mail with Gmail and follow the same method explained in Gmail.

Outlook- Buy MS Office Package >> install Outlook and configure your account, it save mails at a particular location in PST format.

Similarly collect the backup data from the stored location of the email clients. What import for you is to know about the file format you must aware of. Some popularly known formats are- MBOX, EML, PST, EMLX, MSG.

MBOX: Gmail, Apple Mac Mail, , Chaos intellect, Sea Monkey, The Bat, Berkeley, Eudora Mail, Earth Link, Entourage, Mail Copa, Thunderbird, Spice bird Mail, KMail, Opera Mail, Powermail, Netscape, Turnpike, Horde, etc.

EML:  Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, eM Client, DreamMail, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Entourage, Lotus Notes, Roundcube. (Drag and Drop mail) etc.

MSG: Outlook (drag and drop any mail and it will save that mail in .msg format).

EMLX: Mac Mail, Entourage, Evolution etc.

NSF: Lotus Notes mailbox.

You can determine the file format supported by mailing or email client you are using. Use conversion tool according to that MBOX to PDF, EML to PDF converter.


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