5 Coolest Safety Technology in Cars This Year

Everyone wants to feel safe riding down the road, and some car manufacturers are better at getting the job done than others.  Research is important in digging up the most fitting vehicle for your needs, and safety is always at the top of the requirements list.

Ease the burden of searching, and read through what we’ve dug up today.  Make sure your family’s chance of being in an accident is as minimal as possible.  Here is a quick look at some of the coolest safety technology and enhancements available in cars.  Prepare your mind to be amazed.

Safety Technology in Cars

Safety technology in cars

360-degree parking cameras

It may be hard to find in most affordable vehicles, but the 2016 Nissan Rogue has a 360-degree parking camera feature.  Taking the reverse vision camera to the next level, the 360-degree vision gives you a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings.

You’ll never have to worry about crushing the neighbor kid’s bicycle again.  More importantly, you won’t have to fear hitting something far more precious, like your kid or the dog.

Autonomous driving features

Cars can do a whole lot more on their own these days.  There are cars that can parallel park themselves without a driver’s assistance.  Some cars can drive themselves in very limited situations, and some high-end manufacturers are beginning to release vehicles with more autonomous driving features.

Blind-spot monitoring systems

It may not sound right, but blind-spot monitoring systems are a perk that will take time to trickle up in the auto industry.  Honda’s new LaneWatch feature makes checking your blind spot a thing of the past.  Your car will do it for you and ensure you know if there is an inherent danger.

As handy as this safety feature can be for tired long-distance drivers, you would expect the high-end designers to have already added blind-spot monitoring systems.  Someone should call Mercedes and give them a heads-up.

Lane-keep assist features

You’ve probably heard of lane departure warnings, but lane-keep functions take this safety feature one step further.  Lane-keep systems will actually take over the steering of the vehicle and correct the issue for you.

You shouldn’t drive around relying on your lane-keep feature to keep your vehicle centered on the road, but it’s a great feature to have if you’re driving tired.  It only takes a moment to divert your attention, and it takes less than a moment to put yourself in danger while driving.

Pre-collision braking systems

Pre-collision braking is for those times when you look down for just a second, and a car stomps on the brakes in front of you.  Instead of sandwiching the vehicle ahead, your vehicle’s pre-collision braking will activate.  There’s no need for a fender bender when your car has this feature.

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