What is RumbleTalk? How to Create A Chatroom for Facebook Page?

Chating on Facebook has become a daily pastime for many individuals around the world. It is one of the most used features on Facebook. Users can talk with family and friends if they are online (and available to chatroom) or even send them messages if they are offline. Yes, this is possible using RumbleTalk Chatroom.

However, the simple fact is that if you have a business or fan page, you cannot chat with your audience.

In August 2011, a chatroom option was also added for Facebook groups, so that people could use chatroom with a group of people. BUT what about Facebook pages? Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer chatroom for pages, so if you have a fan page, business page, or hobby page, chatting with your fans is not possible. Or is it?

RumbleTalk Chatroom

RumbleTalk is an online group chatroom widget for websites, games, apps, and Facebook pages. It lets website owners, game owners, and app owners add a social chatroom to boost their visitors’ engagement. With RumbleTalk, it is easy to get more social traffic to your website, game, or app.

Rumbletalk chatroom for Facebook page and blog

RumbleTalk for Your Facebook Page

1 – You can add RumbleTalk chatroom to your Facebook page with just a click. Simply click on the URL below (you will first need to be logged in to Facebook):

2 – You will see the following Facebook message. Select your page from the dropdown menu.

Lets Talk - RumbleTalk

3 – You will now see your group chatroom. You can add images and videos to the chatroom (URL).

Your users are not obliged to log in with Facebook. They can connect with their twitter accounts or as guests.

Your users can also invite their friends from Twitter or Facebook to join the social chatroom. This is a nice feature that can help you spread the word. They can also share part of the conversation on their Facebook wall or tweet it.

Rumble Talk Screen 2

4 – Chatroom settings: You can create filtered words, change language and much more

Rumble Talk Screen 3

5 – Choose your chatroom theme. The widget offers you various themes that you can use with your social chatroom.
It even allows you to add your image as a background and control every aspect of the chatroom via CSS.

Rumble Talk Screen 4

Rumble Talk Screen 5

Rumble Talk Screen 6

6 – Your users will see the following icon in your page tabs.

Rumble Talk Screen 7

You can also add the same chatroom to your website or blog. It means that people from your website can talk with people from your Facebook page.

Now this chat can also be added to your website, simply copy the chatroom js code into your HTML, and you will see this chatroom in your website (floating or embedded as you like)

RumbleTalk CEO – Eyal Misk
RumbleTalk – www.rumbletalk.com
About Rumbletalk: A boutique group chatroom that powers over 135000 websites.

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