How to Free Rip a DVD to Windows with Handbrake or WinX DVD Ripper?

We always want to keep the old memories safe and secure with our DVD collection. It becomes necessary to keep a digital copy of these DVDs mainly for two reasons:

  • You want to use the data with different media players on smartphones, video iPads, and other devices
  • The old DVD breaks or gets scratches

The process known as the DVD ripping can come to your aid. Here we save the files of the DVD in another format so that you can use the data later with different devices. The encoder in the ripper program compresses the source media and reduces the file size before storing it on the hard disk. It may have a converter program that allows the user to change the file’s format.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

It’s very important that you chose the right and best DVD ripper. The choice matters if you want to get the best quality version of the original DVD. Otherwise, you’ll lose the magic by settling for the sub-standard copy.

Ripping or making a copy of the original DVD is illegal. There are varying levels of permissions from different governments regarding the legality. Most countries allow ripping for personal use or educational purpose only.

How to rip a DVD?

There are numerous ways to free rip a DVD and many different programs are available for this. Handbrake is an open-source, powerful, easy to use and versatile free DVD ripper that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It can convert the file into MP4 and MKV for devices like an iPad or Android.

Handbrake is a very popular DVD to MP4 converter available today. However, by default, it can rip only unprotected DVDs. So you need to find a way to rip the protected ones.

Most of the DVDs we buy from the store have copy protection. WinX DVD Ripper from Digiarty Software comes to the aid. It is the best available choice to rip the protected DVDs.

Winx dvd ripper platinum box

You can rip DVD free with both Handbrake and WinX DVD Ripper.

Ripping with Handbrake (General DVDs)

Handbrake is a free DVD ripper. The prerequisites before you start ripping:

1) Download and install HandBrake- It is a cross-platform program. It is available for Mac (Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.14), Windows (Windows 7 to 10) and Ubuntu. Visit fr to download HandBrake. It is the only official site to download the program. The latest version is 1.1.1.

2) Download libdvdcss – HandBrake can’t rip encrypted DVDs. So in order to rip the protected ones, download libdvdcss which is a part of the VideoLAN project capable of reading and decrypting DVDs locked by region codes and CSS.

You need to follow the following steps while ripping with Handbrake:

1) Load the DVD you want to rip into HandBrake- Insert the target DVD. Open HandBrake. You will see Source Selection where your DVD is already detected. Click it to open. HandBrake begins scanning it. Scanning time varies depending on the content on your disc.

winx dvd ripper dvd bluray

2) Choose the title you want to rip- you can choose the DVD title from the Title drop-down menu. In a movie DVD, the movie part is the one with the longest duration. However, this is not the case with 99-title movie DVDs. HandBrake can’t deal with such kinds of discs.

winx dvd ripper output

If you are ripping a TV series DVD, simply select your favorite chapter- each usually being 22 or 44 minutes. HandBrake is able to rip only a single title at a time. If you want to rip multiple titles, you will have to process the same work multiple times or create a queue.

The more adjustable options include Angle, Chapters, Seconds and Frames. Seconds define the start time and end time of the to-be-ripped title.

3) Configure output- HandBrake allows free ripping DVD to MP4 or converting DVD to MKV. There are dozens of output presets, grouped under General, Web, Devices, Matroska, and Legacy. You can add personalized preset by clicking the “+Add” button at the bottom of the Presets section. Never choose 720p and 1080p presets for DVDs. Choosing a larger preset would make the output look bigger, not better.

winx dvd ripper preset

4) Specify the destination to save your output- Click Save As, name and save the file in the desired location.

5) Ask HandBrake to rip the DVD – Click Start Encode button at the top menu bar to start ripping. A display bar appears showing the estimated time remaining to complete the process.

winx dvd ripper start encode

For the Handbrake’s best setting for DVD to MP4, you can follow the steps given in the hyperlink.

Ripping with WinX DVD Ripper (Protected DVDs)

WinX DVD Ripper is the fastest and the best DVD ripper which rip DVD free. It uses a unique video processing technology with the utmost utilization of both CPU and GPU acceleration. The ripping speed is at its highest level maintaining the original video quality.

WinX DVD Ripper consumes less CPU than other ripping software, due to which it doesn’t crash or freeze during conversion. The software has become the first choice of millions of users.

WinX DVD Ripper is the best answer to the various problems that may occur while using HandBrake, such as:

You do not find a valid source, only a part of DVD is ripped leaving other or the video got distorted while ripping. All these problems are due to encryption.

It is very simple to rip using WinX DVD Ripper software. Load the DVD to be ripped. Open the WinX DVD ripper application. Follow the following steps:

1) The Disc option appears in the top left. Select from it. ISO images and DVD video folder can also be loaded.

winx dvd ripper getting started

2) You can create various output profiles, DVD to MP4, ISO image, iPhone, iTunes, Huawei, etc. Select your choice.

Winx dvd ripper output profile

3) Click Run icon and ripping starts.

winx dvd ripper conversion

Features in like cropping, codec type, bit rate, aspect ratio, etc. are present in the Output Settings. Enabling CPU Core Use or the Hardware Accelerator box runs everything at maximum hardware potential. For the highest quality select Use High-Quality Engine or Deinterlacing.

You can even watch the below video tutorial if you feel that the following the above steps are tough enough for you:

Why WinX DVD Ripper is the best option?

WinX DVD Ripper could be the best DVD ripper due to its outstanding features. It free rips DVD in high quality, at a hardware-accelerated speed, and with smaller final file size. It can rip a DVD in nine and a half minutes at 355 frames per second, maintaining 98% quality and 1.24 GB final file size. Handbrake will rip in 11 and a half minutes at 297 frames per second with 70% quality and a massive 6 GB file size. You can even check out Handbrake vs WinX DVD Ripper comparison here at the official WinXDVD website.

winx dvd ripper vs handbrake

Extra plugins are not required to run WinX DVD Ripper and it is able to offer over 350 file types output. Handbrake requires plugins and it only offers MP4, MKV and sometimes M4V.

It is possible to rip damaged DVDs, special Japanese DVDs, the latest movies and workout DVDs plus region-free 99-title DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper. Handbrake cannot rip these.

WinX DVD Ripper lets you copy a DVD to hard drive as an ISO image or MPEG-2 file with original quality and 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio for later burning. Handbrake offers ISO files but not backup DVDs without quality loss. WinX DVD Ripper is an excellent long term choice since it puts less strain on the computer.

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