A Five-Point Guide to Choose the Right ERP Software for Your Business


ERP and myths have shared a long history together; the most common being: “ERP software can only aid account and finance industry only or can be used solely for accounting purpose”. However successful implementation of right ERP software in various industries like Real Estate, food, and beverage, media, medicines, etc. over the years went has busted this myth forever.

As a company grows, the resource planning (Human, finance, and material) becomes essential to manage your company efficiently. An enterprise resource planning software (ERP) does not only manage all your resource planning in a time and cost-effective manner but also automates and secures your management system. And for the same, various modern day industries are adopting right ERP software to manage their resources in a proficient manner.

Right ERP software for your business

However, the biggest pitfall to which many companies fall for is failing to have an in-depth knowledge of the ERP software of their choice and other available options. A haste makes waste and the same goes while selecting your ERP software. Thus, to avoid falling prey to it, a thorough know-how of the software as well as a proper planning is essential. Asking the following question while selecting right ERP software can assure better ERP implementation, eventually giving better results for your company.

How to pick right ERP software for your business?

1. What are your expectations?

The very first step while choosing your ERP software is to know your requirements. Every ERP solution providers have their own USP (unique selling point) and thus functionality of ERP software differ from each other. When you know what you need from your ERP, segregating the desirable ERP from the rest becomes easy. Moreover, it can help in determining the customization and investments you may need to put in your software too.

2. How much can you invest?

The purpose of the ERP software is to add efficiency to your business management in order to increase the profit. However, blindly investing a huge chunk of finance on a heavily customized software (which is not even useful for your business) can only add up to be a burden on your pocket. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate your budget as per your business standards and accordingly select your software.

Besides finance, time is another important constraint that you need to evaluate. For instance, implementing right ERP during peak season may not be a wise decision, as it may adversely affect your other processes. Thus, evaluation of when and how much time you can invest is also necessary.

3. Is it user-friendly?

Does the ERP software of your choice grant you the ability to customize the UI manually as per your convenience? If your employee cannot make the most out of your software, it is as good as a wasted effort. On the other hand, customizing UI and your dashboard as per your needs can make your ERP software quickly accessible and easy to use, hence, skyrocketing your overall performance. Thus a must in your checklist while choosing your software.

4. Does it give you mobility?

Working on a single fixed workstation is a talk from the past and the modern day companies need faster and mobile solution to manage their tasks. Thus, considering a right ERP software that can come up with a mobile app backed up with cloud server is recommended. As a mobile app lets you manage all your ERP tasks on the go, the cloud server can securely save all your data, and make it accessible to all the authorized users from anywhere at any time of the day or night.

5. What other services does your ERP vendor provide?

An ERP vendor’s duty does not end with ERP implementation; providing training to your employees, configuring your management system, integrating third-party applications are some of the tasks your vendor needs to take responsibility. Moreover, on a long run, annual maintenance, solving technical issues, fixing bugs, etc. also comes as a task for your service provider.

A trait of top ERP software vendors is providing top-notch service and customer satisfaction while timely upgrading the software to match with the pace of the industry as well as fulfill demands of the company too. Thus, it should be put under consideration while choosing your software.

Hence, a right ERP software that can suitably answer the above-mentioned questions, i.e. the software that meets your expectation, fits your budget, easy to use and mobile is preferably the right choice for your business firm and can give you better ROI.



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