PSD to WordPress Conversion: 5 Simple Steps Revamp Your Website


With PSD To WordPress Conversion, you can easily get an assorted online portal with an inbuilt range of multiple functions with the help of PSD to WordPress Conversion. These comprehensive WordPress enabled websites are highly capable of gaining the substantial web presence drawing more business clientele which results in higher revenues.

This PSD To WordPress conversion transforms the website in a manner that it significantly regulates the process of enhancing the performance and functionality of the website. The interactive admin panel of WordPress allows the developers to add themes and various other functions to the website. It should also be noted that these developers must be skilled and competent enough to exploit manifold WordPress functions.

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Let us take a look at the procedural steps involved in PSD to WordPress Conversion:

The conversion of Photoshop files into customized WordPress themes includes several functional codes and processes. The transformed websites contain highly optimized multi-functional webpages endowing perfect pixelated designs. The process of converting PSD files into WordPress enabled themes is not an easy task. There are professionals specifically adapt to perform such conversions flawlessly. These competent developers possess a profound knowledge of the web development standards to deliver the best results to revamp your WordPress website.

The basic steps followed by these experts in this conversion process have been outlined here:

Explore & Create a Mock-up:

The first and the prime step is to analyze the PSD files and further check for the complexity level of their format. After knowing the nature and type of PSD files, developers then plan the steps for conversion. The developers then create a prototype of PSD files by breaking them into simpler divisions of the pixelated files and further into HTML codes. This break and divide process simplifies the navigation of PSD files into the HTML format.

Slice PSD files into Compatible Formats:

Slicing is the most crucial step of this conversion i.e slicing the pixelated files into WordPress compatible formats like GIF, PNG, JPEG, and others. Further, the developers can add or remove the texts, images, colors, buttons, bars, etc. into these layers.

Convert HTML/ XHTML Files into WordPress Format:

As the PSD files cannot be uploaded directly to the website so the developers convert these files into separate structures namely index.html (HTML Codes), style.css (CSS Styling Codes), index.php (PHP Codes). After organizing these file structures, convert the primary HTML/CSS files into WordPress compatible themes. This HTML file is further divided into multiple files.

Assimilate HTML/CSS files into themes:

After successfully converting the HTML codes into compatible formats, the developers assimilate all these static codes into dynamic WordPress compatible themes and tag them according to their features and functions.

Verify and Check the Website:

Last but not the least, test the website to check its cross-browser compatibility and other functions. At this final step, you can examine the newly improved features of the website such as its performance, security, coding standards and so on. Any problem or issue must be raised at this level to get it resolved as early as possible.

As noted above, the benefiting features of switching to the WordPress from PSD format is well known amongst the business owners. All credit goes to the Internet revolution that almost all the individuals are heading to create websites either for business or for some personal purposes. This is ultimately leading to the rising demand of the web developers who strive to develop the unique and innovative web solutions for their customers. These skilled developers are professionally sound & possess the profound knowledge of all the aspects and technical limitations of web development industry. The process of converting a design into a web page is time-consuming and not that easy. Hence, most of the newbie businessmen are considering PSD to WordPress conversion for creating a website for their businesses.

Also, the rising demand for this conversion is for the unmatched features of WordPress CMS. There are numerous plugins and extensions available to enrich the website’s functionality to a level of excellence. These add-on programs provide you multiple options to customize the performance and functions of your website. Many entrepreneurs, these days, have positively opted for getting a website developed on WordPress platform. The established ones are moving in for upgradation while the newbies are turning up for the whole development. So, get going with converting your PSD templates into WordPress theme for giving a new definition to your existing website.


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