6 Reasons Why Retail Businesses Need Mobile App


Today, this has almost become an idiomatic expression. More and more shoppers are tapping on their favorite retail app icons on their screens rather than visiting physical stores, be it for buying groceries or fashion accessories. Resultant, retail businesses, even the reluctant ones, are realizing the value of having a dedicated mobile app.

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Branded retail apps are designed to give the users an immersive shopping experience. Retail app’s mobile-only features give it an edge over websites – The uncluttered user interface, direct marketing via push, using mobile as a wallet and a lot more. An app simply puts your business at your users’ fingertips. Not just that, apps form a bridge between physical and digital interface via QR codes enhancing the in-store experience. Here are 6 specific reasons why building a native app for your retail business is a smart move –

1. Branding Channel

As the retail space faces more competition than ever, it has become absolutely essential for stores to focus on branding. There are some really good retail app creators out there featuring fully-customization templates that let you tailor your app to the last details to fit your business.

2. Running Loyalty Programs

Loyalty cards have always worked fine to boost sales and engagement. But when the user gets ‘em on his mobile, their chances of being used simply jumps through the roof. Loyalty programs and apps make a great team to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and boost sales.

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3. Push Notifications and In-App Messages

The ability to send personalized push notifications and in-app messages is perhaps the best reason for the retailers to have an app. Done right, push and in-app messages are powerful marketing tools that not only keep customers in the loop of upcoming shopping events and updates but also reduce app churn rate and cart abandonment rate.

4. Easier Updates

With websites, one needs to go to the back-end, every time an update is to be made. But with retail and catalog app makers featuring built-in CMS, updating an app becomes a cakewalk. Even those who don’t speak tech can make the updates right from the front-end.

5. Competitive Edge

Retail businesses which are more readily embracing mobile technology are clearly gaining an edge over their competitors. We are not advocating an app-only model for retail businesses. But appifying your business is a crucial piece of the Omni-channel puzzle. The future belongs to omnichannel brands and taking the app way is what you need to belong there!

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6. Deeper Insights into Customer Behavior

Being a more personal device, mobile is a convergence point that enables businesses to seamlessly collect users’ data. Deploying smart app analytics to derive deep insights from this data can give businesses a glimpse of users’ buying behavior and thus, a better opportunity to create and deliver a seamless shopping experience to them.

Many retail businesses already realize these benefits but they still show reluctance to get their native apps built for the apparent reason that it seems like hard work, and rightly so. Custom app development is a costly affair and time-taking as well. Businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses can’t afford that. Fortunately, there are instant iOS and Android app makers that have made app development a piece of cake. So pick one and get going!


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