Resume Hacks: How to Make Your Tech Skills Look More Enticing

Even though tech industries have developed at an incredibly fast rate, the number of tech-savvy candidates has also increased. As a result, competition can be fierce, and though ultimately your skills are going to matter most, you need to know how to make your resume stand out, so you’ll have a chance to put all that knowledge and know-how to work.

Resume Writing Tips

Learn the Recruiter Lingo

You probably know what all of those complicated terms in your resume mean. Although there’s definitely going to be an expert to assess you during the interview, it doesn’t hurt to try and breach the gap between you and your recruiter, who might not be really familiar with the terms of your trade. So first, learn what terms and phrases recruiters want to see on a resume. Then, put these user-friendly terms in the main entry. You can go into details about them later on.

When looking through dozens of possible candidates, these things help make your CV as easy to read as possible. You don’t have to dumb down your resume just for the benefit of your recruiter. You just have to translate the terms used in your trade into the words a recruiter might understand better. That way, you stand a better chance of having your CV picked up and carefully read through.

Flaunt Your Knowledge

After you grabbed your recruiter’s attention with a catchy phrase, it’s your time to shine. Underneath the heading, you can list as much tech jargon as you like. Then, list everything you know that has to do with that particular skill set, even if you’re not terribly familiar with them. That’s what training is for. And even a very basic knowledge of a programming language or a specific dev tool can give you an advantage. It’s easier to develop a skill once you have some idea of how it works. And your employer might be more willing to invest in your training in the future if they know you’re not starting from scratch.

Backup Your Skillset with Experience

Anyone can write a list of skills. While your recruiter is not necessarily going to doubt your abilities, it’s always a good idea to illustrate how and when you’ve developed those abilities. Then, give them some context of how you put those abilities into practice and give them an idea of how you plan to employ them further.

It shows you really know what you’re talking about, and more than that, it’s going to prove to them that you’ve already considered your future in their company. It can convince them of what a great asset you can be for their business and how your unique combination of skills and expertise is right for them.

Writing a resume to apply for a job

Recognize Your Weak Points

Don’t be afraid to mention the abilities you’re lacking but are interested in obtaining or the things you know but aren’t really comfortable with. It’s going to show your employer that you’re very much aware of your knowledge, and you’re not just listing a bunch of skills to brag about them. In addition, this will make the list of skills you do have to seem even more impressive since your employer will know they can trust you when you say you are comfortable using a certain tool or have a certain ability.

There are bound to be plenty of things you need some more training for. As a tech specialist, you need to keep yourself up to date will the changes in your extremely dynamic field. Consider participating in some workshops or even taking online courses. There are pros and cons to online classes, but they can’t hurt. And maybe you can even convince your employer to pay for them.

Don’t Apologize

Your CV should reflect your professionalism. You should not be arrogant in the way in which you detail your skills and experience. But neither should you be overly apologetic about the things that you feel you need. In an industry as vast as this, it’s perfectly normal to have some things you don’t really know. As a professional, you shouldn’t be ashamed of these weak points. Instead, you should be clear and firm about your knowledge and experience and prove that you are prepared to train in those areas you feel are underdeveloped. Even if you’re one of the most talented experts in your field, you would still have to keep practicing and become familiar with all the changes and developments in your field. Becoming a tech guru doesn’t happen overnight. That’s just how this field works.

When writing your resume, always bear in mind that you are a professional talking to other professionals. That means you should be honest, and you should maintain an adequate tone throughout your CV. Allow your skills and experience to speak for themselves, and the rest will come in time.

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