BKF Recovery Tool to Repair and Extract Corrupt BKF Files


A file primarily associated with Windows Backup utility is known as BKF file, having .bkf file extension. The file is used to protect, backup, and restore computer data & is created by Windows backup. This file can be stored on any hard drive of PCs, external storage device, and other means of machine storage.

There are several reasons due to which the stored BKF file get corrupted and users get panic when they are unable to access the backup file. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss solutions to repair corrupted .bkf file and recover data from it.

Windows backup bkf files
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Why BKF Recovery Tool

In order to repair and extract data from corrupted BKF file, several solutions are available on web market. Moreover, one-stop solution to repair and extract corrupt BKF File is by making use of BKF Recovery tool that is being initiated to repair, recover, and extract files from a corrupted backup file. The software is embedded with many useful features, which are built up to render universal users requirement.

Windows backup BKF files

Recovering BKF file

The tool provides us a quick and easy way to repair severely corrupted BKF file and recover complete data from it, within just a few clicks. There are many reasons due to which one should go for BKF recovery tool and they are as follow:

  • On the basis of the level of corruption, the software recovers the backup file. The tool provides us with three modes of scanning:
    • Quick Scan: For less corrupted files
    • Advance Scan: For severely corrupted files
    • Range Based Scan: For performing selective scanning
  • The major feature of this software is that it supports the backup files, which are generated from Symantec Exec. If these backup files get corrupted, then the product will easily repair such files too. Moreover, it also supports general BKF files that are generated from Windows Backup.
  • There are two ways for extracting data files from BKF software i.e. extract file at its default location or use browsing option to archive the extracted data files.
  • The software will restore the same file as it was at the time of backing up the file. Moreover, one can extract their desired files or folder and the tool will completely restore the selected data files.

Observational Verdict

After having a discussion about how to deal with damaged or inaccessible BKF file, one can wind up with the fact that BKF Recovery Tool is the best-suited software to handle corrupted BKF file because it provides all essential functions, which are required to deal with the corrupted backup file. For initially experiencing the functioning of the product, a trial version of the product is available for free on company’s website. However, the trial version has some limitation embedded with it, therefore, purchase the full version of products and experience complete functioning of the product.


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