How to Register Number Plates for Vehicles in the UK?

The British government decided over 100 years ago that the fledgling motorized car industry would wish to be regulated.

As a part of this new legislation, it had been decreed that every automobile would wish its own identity. Consequently, all vehicles registered within the UK must have unique registration numbers, then personalized number plates were born starting with A1.

Register number plates in the UK

How to Buy Prefix Number Plates?

There are many options and combinations which the DVLA releases. A number of the foremost expensive were numbers like “K1 NGS,” which sold for £235,000 in 1993, “S1 NGH” and “P1 LOT” both also made around £100,000 each at DVLA auctions. The bulk of prefix number plates were sold online via the DVLA personalized registrations website. Numbers with prefix A to Y (excluding I), then one or two numbers (up to 20) followed by three letters were available to shop for from only £155+VAT+ £80 transfer fee. This system provided higher and more people to experience personalized number plates.

See all our remaining unissued’ A1′ prefix number plates (never been used before); otherwise, you can make your own prefix number plates here!

Many people who have purchased combinations over the years are pleasantly surprised once they realized when coming to sell that their number plate had been an honest investment. Some numbers have and still are being sold for 2, three, or maybe fourfold quite what people had originally paid.

Number Plates

In every country of the world, vehicles have to be identified. The most common way to do this is with a set of number plates displayed on the vehicle’s front and rear. In the UK, the first vehicle identification number (number plate) issued was A 1 back in the early 1900s. Of course, there have been millions more issued to every new vehicle registered since then. The DVLA administers the current number plate system in the UK in Swansea. Car dealers use third-party apps to register vehicles. The current format for all number plates issued is two letters, two numbers followed by three letters (example; AB12 ABC). Some of the number plates issued can contain names like Sue, Bob, Jon, Tom, Don, etc., and others can look like names and words like TO11 MMY, JO11 NNY, MO11 LLY, RO11 BBY, etc. All number plates that look like names and words are sold via dealers like CarReg Number Plates, a firm in Wolverhampton that is registered DVLA number plate suppliers. DVLA has a list of suppliers who have to register to be able to supply number plates, RNPS (registered number plate supplier), where you can locate companies/suppliers via postcode. DVLA also sells previously unissued registrations via a basic website; however, all interesting and collectible plates have been sold!

How to Select DVLA Number Plates?

Select Your DVLA Number Plates in Following Simple Methods

  1. There is over 55 MILLION unissued government stock (DVLA registrations) available now.
  2. Pick a setup fit for your vehicle (Prefix or Current). Decide a “prefix” statement or a couple of “current” vowels: (I, O, Q, Z not available for prefix)
  3. Select variety from 1 to 31 or a better number or multiple of ten (40,50,60 etc +,33,44, 55, 100, 200 etc)
  4. Select the letters you need and hit the search button. Many of us will pick their initials, but you’ll be ready to abbreviate your name like CRG for Craig, JAS for Jason, or RUS for Russell.

Simply enter your choice of letters and numbers into the search boxes and scan the large database of available number plates. Whether you select from the DVLA’s ‘current plate’ format (CR68 REG) or the older’ PREFIX plate’ format (X6 JDW), you’ll make certain of getting an ingenious new number plate never before utilized in the united kingdom.

All personalized number plates purchased from here are going to be issued on a legitimate DVLA registration certificate of entitlement in approximately 4 days. Otherwise, you can hold the personalized plate on the registration document given for up to 10 years. We’ve sold tens of thousands of DVLA number plates over the years. They create perfect gifts for any occasion, with prices ranging from only £155 plus VAT and DVLA Fee.

Transferring to a vehicle is extremely easy, almost like taxing a vehicle online. This will be wrapped to 10 years after purchase if you are doing not want to assign immediately, are within the process of buying a replacement vehicle, or perhaps buying as a present.

Where are the Best Prices for Number Plates?

CarReg is price beaters!

Carreg offers value for money and, therefore, the absolute best possible service! Our aim is to supply the total best value for money within our industry. We’ll endeavor to match if not beat our competitor’s prices.

Online Discounts

Save £10–£50 once you purchase a variety plate online instead of over the phone. Buying private number plates with us is very easy, 100% safe, and secure. Our secure online shop is open 24/7!

Price Guide

Unissued prefix and current style registrations start from a fantastic £179 (+VAT) + £80 DVLA transfer fee. Previously owned cherished number plates are costlier because the registrations are more wanted. However, our stock starts from only £300. We do have any reasonable suffix plates and Northern Irish origin number plates for as small as £99.

Number plates by the words presented as A5 ABC would be defined as a “Prefix registration” rather than “Prefix number plates.” These registrations would normally be sold from £179 unless, in fact, the letters spell a reputation or a word. A5 TON was withheld for a DVLA Auction and later sold for a hammer price of £61,000. K1 NGS sold for £185,000. BUT, K11 NGS sold as a traditional issue for £250. While “New style plates” like JW18 JDW are often purchased for as little as £399.

After you’ve got chosen to shop for your registration online, you’ll be taken to a checkout screen, which can show the worth of the registration plus any VAT due, and therefore the DVLA transfer fee – see below. You’ve got not committed to shop for this stage, so you’ll review the complete price breakdown before entering any personal or payment information.

If you’re happy to proceed, you’ll prefer to add physical number plates from £20 and ask us to finish the registration transfer paperwork for £25. However, these additional services are entirely optional. You then choose how you’d wish to pay and should be offered the choice of finance. Read more about payments and finance.

VAT and DVLA Transfer Fees

Some registrations could also be subject to VAT. All car registrations are subject to the DVLA transfer fee of £80. The transfer fee is levied by the DVLA and has got to be paid on all purchases from any supplier, including the DVLA themselves.

Question: Is it easy to transfer to a vehicle?

Answer: Yes, the amount is often transferred online within a couple of minutes. (Assign Online)

Question: Will my plates expire?

Answer: Once you buy a variety plate, it’s supplied on a Government Certificate of Entitlement, which is valid for 10 years. You’ll then transfer to a vehicle at any time. If you would like to go away the amount on the certificate for extended than 10 years, the certificate will be got to be extended before.

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