JPEG File: Digital media is one of the best and convenient ways to store your memories in image format. The best advantage of digitally stored photos is, you can carry them anywhere easily and can store thousands of photos in a small storage device. The most common format is JPEG or JPG that is usually used to save image files.

With so many advantages, digital media also has some security issues, as any kind of corruption and sudden unwanted action with your storage media can lead to JPEG file loss. You can lose your complete JPEG photo from your storage device, such as hard drive, SD card, Memory card, Pen drive, etc. However, like every problem has a solution, thankfully there is also a solution for JPEG photo files recovery, by which you can recover your completely lost, deleted, missing and inaccessible JPEG photo from internal or external storage media. Before solution, let us discuss the causes of Image file loss.

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Common Causes of JPEG File Loss

1. Formatted Storage Media

An accidental formatting of SD card, hard drive or a particular volume will lead you to photos loss. Many times, when you insert Memory Card in the computer, it automatically creates an option of ‘format memory card’, and if you accidentally click ‘yes’, it will format your memory card. Formatting erases the complete photos, videos, music files and other files stored on the storage media and then you will not be able to see your JPEF files again in it. To recover deleted photos from SD card you can install a JPEG file recovery software that can help you in data recovery at the earliest.

2. System Restore Option

Every electronic device such as mobile, camera, computer, etc. has a ‘Factory Restore’ option by which the system restores its original settings. At times, people click on this option accidentally and lost their complete JPEG photo and other media files. To recover such type of JPEG photo loss, you have to install a professional software that can do the recovery of your JPEG images with other files by just a few clicks.

3. Error Occurs at the Time of JPEG File Transfer

At the time of file transfer from one storage media to other storage media, any kind of interruptions or error can corrupt the storage device, and this may lead a JPEG photo loss or inaccessible data. To avoid such issue, make sure that any type of interruption that you can avoid, may not occur, such as sudden shutdown, power failure, removing the memory card, etc. This issue will also occur when you cut any JPEG file from one storage media and copy it to other one and because of any interruption it shows the error “The action could not be completed. Try again.” In such case, you lost the file from both the storage devices.

4. ‘Memory Card not Found’ Error

There can be multiple reasons for a corrupt memory card, such as virus attack, pulling out the memory card at the time of running, etc. and after corruption; it will not show stored data on the device. However, if you try to read it on your system with a card reader, it will show you an alert message ‘SD card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?’ You can see the filled space of memory card; however, the images will be inaccessible, and this is the symbol of data loss.

5. SD Card Shows ‘RAW’ File System and 0 Bytes

Usually, SD cards are used in digital cameras or mobile devices to store Media files, such as photos, videos, etc. There can be several reasons when SD card become RAW. This will disable your JPEG photo and other data stored on the card. When you check it on your system, it will show you ‘0’ byte fee space (RAW data) but you will not be able to access or see the data.

6. Presence of Bad Sectors on the Storage Device

If the corrupt volume or bad sector is available on your hard drive or memory card then it may also be a strong reason for JPEG file or other media files loss. Whenever you transfer or store any JPEG file in it, the data become inaccessible and you will not open it without recovery.

7. Incompatibility with Drivers

If any driver already installed or after storage installed in the system is not compatible with your memory card, or hard drive. It will make the stored media file such as JPEG photo, MP3 files and more, inaccessible, and you could not access the files. Some corrupt driver or other files may corrupt the storage system and you will not be able to detect the storage media and leads to data loss.

8. Recovery Options

Always remember that whenever you have seen any kind of data loss error in your storage media, do not format t before recovery. You can recover your complete JPEG file with other media files by just downloading a professional software that you will get from the Internet. There are many recovery software available always choose a right one according to your requirement. Go for a good research about the product, which you are going to try for recovery of your SD card or any other storage media. Try free demo versions of the software and then only a perfect photo recovery software.

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