How to Use QR Codes on Packaging to Benefit Your Business?

QR Codes have become a must-have marketing campaign for retail and e-commerce businesses. A QR code can educate potential buyers about your product, brand, or hidden story as a bridge between the online and offline worlds. Are you considering using QR codes on product packaging? If so, you’re making a great choice. Follow this post to learn more about QR codes on packaging.

How to use QR codes on packaging

QR Code Generator with Logo

A QR code generator with a logo allows users to create and download QR codes in printable format and then paste them on their products. It can never be more accessible to custom design a QR code than with a dynamic QR code generator with a logo. Are you concerned about the working of a dynamic QR code generator?

Well, a dynamic QR code generator with a logo lets you keep track of user activity with statistics available on a single dashboard. For example, after creating a dynamic QR code, you can keep track of the total number of scans, the device type of the user, the location, and the date/time of the scan.

Moreover, a dynamic Multi URL QR code lets you redirect users to different web pages depending on their location, time, and device type of the scanner. In this way, one can create geographic-based QR code campaigns to target different types of audiences using a single QR code. You can make Multi URL QR codes easily. Service providers have developed different options for using Multi URL QR codes. Multi URL QR codes are a very powerful tool in packaging design.

Tips to Use QR Codes on Packaging

Following are some practical tips to sell more products by using QR codes on packaging:

1. Custom-Designed QR Codes

What are you selling? Determine your product type, category, and color and create a custom QR code using a QR code generator with a logo. You can customize colors, size, eyes, and shape and add a logo, so your QR code blends into the packaging.

2. Call-to-Action

Using a QR code on packaging will not yield your QR scans to your product’s full potential. Instead, it is recommended to use a call-to-action to educate people about the code’s functionality. For example, let customers know whether they will be redirected to a video, audio, game, or textual information. Some examples of winning call-to-action words include scan now, see the video, download the app, learn more, etc.

3. Placement of QR Code

Make sure not to use a QR code right next to the barcodes. It becomes nearly impossible to scan a QR code when placed near barcodes – making it difficult for QR code scanners to recognize the pattern. Therefore, using the QR code on the other side of the package is recommended.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, QR code marketing, when employed correctly, can help retail marketers generate more leads, sales, and revenue. Whatever product you intend to sell, make sure to make your QR codes deliver authentic and valuable information. For example, you can add a video about the brand’s history and a story to engage users – creating a solid customer base.

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