How to Publish an App to the Amazon Developer Console?

Google Play Store is the largest Android app store. Certainly, we should worry about building a quality app that matches the requirements the store requires. However, it is important to explore other publishing options. Even for the possibility of exploring other markets and audiences. In this context appears Amazon, one of the most traditional companies in the technology sector. Amazon also has an app store, the Amazon Store, which is constantly growing. One of its characteristics is that it does not require payment to become a developer. Here are some tips on how to publish your app to the Amazon Developer Console.

1. Register at Amazon Developer Console

To upload an application to the store, we need a developer account. Registration is a simple registration and can be done through the developer portal. Click here to complete registration.

App registration on Amazon

2. Add new application

Once you have registered, a panel will appear with the list of applications associated with your account. Then we should click the button located in the lower right corner to add a new app (Add New App).

3. Choose the type of platform

In this step we will select the type of applications that we are going to deploy, being it an Android app, a Mobile Web application or a PC & Mac application.

Add an app - select which type

4. Prepare application

Let’s now prepare the application to be submitted. We should fill out some information that is requested such as the title of the application and its category and click save. In order not to enter any further information, we will keep the default field marked to support your account information.

Android - new app

5. Fill

In General Information In this screen, we will begin to fill in the general information of the application. We must click “Edit” to begin.

General info - Amazon App Submission

6. Category and title

Information The application general data screen will be displayed again. If you do not have any changes to make, we must press the Save button.

7. Choose price and availability

In this section, we will fill in price data and where the placard will be available. Normally, we leave the Default App option selected. Click “Save”.

Availability and Pricing - Amazon App Submission

8. Application description

Now we will describe the application in more detail. It is of great importance to fill in this information correctly because from them you can search for your Amazon app using words and/or related texts. In this section, thoroughly detail the characteristics of your application, the key keywords, and get a full description of what you can do. There is also the possibility of adding translated texts. It is always good to have at least two languages, one of them being English.

Add Description - Amazon App Submission

9. Visual information

At this point, we should inform you of some screenshots of the application, icons, and videos of its use. It’s always good to do quality graphic work because often poor visual standard and low-resolution icons will hamper the installations.

Images and Multimedia - Amazon App Submission

10. Content

The evaluation of the content of the application is done in this section. It is a quick but fundamental questionnaire. By filling it, the age group of the audience destined for your application will be calculated.

11. Add the application

The time has come to upload the application. After uploading, you need to select the device types supported by the app. The Amazon platform requires that the application’s internal support languages be marked. The other information is self-explanatory.

Binary file - Amazon App Submission

12. Finish

After you have filled in all the information, the button to submit the application will be enabled. Click on it and wait a few hours. Various validations and tests are done on the Amazon platform. After that, the application will be available to the public.
In this article, we present a step-by-step tutorial on how to publish an application to Amazon. This environment is an excellent opportunity to broaden the audience of your app, incorporating new markets, and improving your facility rate.

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