How Prestashop Enables You to Build A Modern Online Store?


The emergence of new technologies and capabilities of e-commerce platforms is successfully enhancing customer experience, and enabling e-commerce businesses to reach their customers more effectively, making eCommerce businesses more profitable in the long run. If we consider Prestashop, it would be worth looking at some of its features and plugins which enable you to make an online store that is attuned to the needs of our modern world:

Prestashop - A Modern Online Store

Build An Online Store with Prestashop

1. Build A Global & Local Store

There exists a huge potential for building a large and global customer base. Your target customers may be comfortable in different languages or come from different cultures. Thus, the content of your store must be available in different languages, if you are catering to customers with more than one language preference.

Moreover, if you are catering to international customers, then your online store must also show product prices in the native currency of the target customer’s country, and support the check-out process in the native currency, too. Additionally, it is worthy to note that the content and design of your e-commerce website can be customized as per your target countries. Such a UX enhancing strategy has already been used by major players such as Amazon.

With Prestashop, you can make all this possible and build an international store by tapping its multilingual and multi-currency support or even deploy customized themes for each of your country-specific online stores. Moreover, Prestashop enables easy management of multiple stores from a common back office.

2. Deploy An Elastic & Cost-Effective Infrastructure

The emergence of the elastic multi-VM infrastructure is proving to be a boon to the e-commerce industry. The elastic infrastructure solves the problem of e-commerce websites having to handle occasional high traffic, by letting an e-commerce website adjust its use of server space. Moreover, such an infrastructure ensures reduced infrastructure costs.

With Prestashop’s availability on the marketplace of the cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure, you can deploy the Prestashop platform with a pre-configured multi-VM infrastructure.

3. Personalize The Shopping Experience

Personalization is the new in. Your customers are more likely to navigate your store and buy something if you offer personalized product recommendations, choice of creating customized products, and send in newsletters which tell them about products that they really would like to buy. With Prestashop’s modules such as the product customization module, related products display, advanced newsletter module, you can render a personalized shopping experience for your customers very easily. Meanwhile, you can also render a more personalized shopping experience with a simple questionnaire on your website’s landing page and subsequently offer products and a homepage that matches your customer’s inputs.

4. Make Shopping Easy For Mobile/Tablet Users

Given the percentage of mobile/tablet users, it is imperative to make your online store easily navigable for them. When catering to this segment of users, you have two choices- either make a mobile-friendly website or make an app for your online store. Prestashop with its responsive themes and app building modules such as MobCart, allows you to create a mobile-friendly online store and an e-commerce app, respectively. A Prestashop Developer can enable the responsive theme of your e-commerce website with suitable modules, and also extend your online store with a mobile app.

With the aforementioned capabilities of the Prestashop platform, Prestashop e-commerce development is reaching new heights that definitely must be explored by an e-commerce venture.

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