Powerbank – How to get the right one for your mobile?


We all know how irritating it feels like when you need your very own smartphone so much on the go and the power goes off like a betrayer and you are left with nothing but a feeling of frustration and irritation. But to get rid of such situations, there have been a cool gadget, powerbank with which you can charge your phone or tablet on the go and remain tension free. Okay, now you got the solution, but the question might be popping in your mind that which one to go for and more importantly what features you should look for while making a selection. To get more clarified on this, let’s start with the points that you need to keep in your head while choosing a powerbank.

Tips to Buy Powerbank

Powerbank charging mobile

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Capacity plays a big role when it comes to the powerbank. If you go through any online store for powerbanks, you may turn up with a loads of variety of powerbanks having typically 2600 mAh, 5200 mAh, 10400 mAh or even greater. The very common sense might say you when it comes to the capacity, why not go for the biggest one, but hold on, bigger capacity powerbank might always provide you better charging options but the bigger the capacity, bigger is the size and so higher the price. So it is wise to first understand your need and proceed accordingly.

Battery charing

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let’s say you have the smartphone with battery capacity of 2000 mAh and you would be happy enough to be able to charge you smartphone fully thrice with one full charge of the powerbank, in that case, an 8000 mAh would do just fine. Mind that is not 6000 (2000*3) mAh rather 8000 (2000*3/0.75) mAh. Here 0.75 defines the average conversion rate (75% in this case) of the powerbanks in general.

Input Rating

Powerbanks majorly come up with either 1A or 2A input rating. Now why you should be bothering about this is because input rating of the powerbank signifies the amount of time the powerbank might take to self-charge itself. To cite a typical example, the popular Mi 10400 mAh powerbank almost takes around 10 hours to get charged when connected via 1A charger but only takes around 6 hours when connected via 2 A charger. The additional point to note here, not all powerbanks come up with 2A input option. So to be on the safest side, it is advisable to go for higher input rating if you do not want a lazy self-charging powerbank! Again, who wants that.

Output power rating

In the same way, output power rating effects the charging time of the device that you are connecting with the powerbank. In this case also, the common available options are 1 A/5V and 2.1 A/5V. But here is a small thing to reckon, as the charging capacity of the powerbank is not the only thing that matters, your smartphone or tablet (though most tablet has 2A power snatching ability) must also have high power drawing ability in order to get charged fast.

Number of USB ports

Number of USB ports comes into consideration for mostly the higher capacity powerbanks (usually having capacity greater than 10400 mAh). This point must be your concern if you have multiple devices to charge with, be it two smartphones or a one smartphone and one tablet. With this feature of the powerbank, you would be able to charge two or more devices simultaneously.

Pass through Charging

Pass through charging

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Did it ever occur in your mind that whether it is possible to charge your smartphone with the powerbank while charging the itself? The answer to this is negative in general except for the powerbank that feature with pass through charging facility. For example, Honor 13000 mAh powerbank, which comes with such option letting you charge a mobile while it is connected with an already self-charging.

To wrap up, choosing a powerbank is not that difficult when you find the exact need of yours at the same time keeping the above points in your mind. Additionally, you can get here, a list of best power banks as well from where you can select one for your need conveniently.



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