7 Porch Party Tips – What Technological Upgrades You Can?

Everyone needs a functional outdoor space for friends and family to enjoy. Technology has now worked its way into the popular outdoor decor. Just because it is called the backyard, e.g., the porch party does not mean it has to take a back seat to the comforts and luxury of the indoor spaces we all love so much.

Before Spring is here, check out some of the latest and greatest in outdoor technology. Here is a quick overview of the top ten technological upgrades available to spice up life in the backyard. Take a look and see just what a doctor ordered outdoor explorations for his porch party.

Porch party tips


Porch Party Tips to Make It Awesome

1. Outdoor projection system

Every outdoor entertainment center needs a large projection screen for Summer movie nights with friends and families. Either shoot the image upon an adjacent whitewashed wall or invest in a weatherproof drop-down screen. Watch movies by moonlight for a romantic edge to dating.

2. Wireless streaming music

Stream music wirelessly via the home’s WiFi network on specially built stereo speakers that will endure outdoor weathering and extreme temperature changes. Listen to some special tunes while cooking up a tasty meal on the outdoor grill on the porch party. Entertain company with handheld convenience, as many wireless sound systems come along with a handy phone app that supports controls.

3. Outdoor heating technologies

Even though it is Summer, the nights can get a bit chilly depending on location. Outdoor heating lamps are built to disperse heat with ease. Relax underneath the warmth of a patio heater while cuddling up with a book or a loved one at any time of the year.

4. Underwater speakers for the pool

For swimming enthusiasts and outdoor entertainers, there are specially designed, underwater speakers. Listen to the best of the best while working out in the pool. Swim laps, and never miss a beat. There are also lighting options available for highlighting the underwater technology.

Porch party tips

5. Weatherproof television is a must

Outdoor entertainment is not complete without a couple of HDTV screens to watch.  Technology has made it possible to leave a television outside in the elements and not ruin the device. Turn the game for the weekend gathering and kick back with a cold brew.

6. Robots can mow the yard

No need to worry about the grass. Technology has now developed robots that will mow, hands-free. Just like the popular floor cleaning robots in the homes of many consumers, there is now an automated lawnmower on the market.

7. Remote control everything

It is the day never to forget that everything can be controlled remotely, and most remotely operated devices have a subsequential app available for download. Android phones specifically are great for tiny remote control applications. Check it out!

Believe these seven upgrades will beautify your porch party backyard, and everyone will enjoy the party using technology gadgets and apps.

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