PGP Encryption Resellers Need A Trustworthy Vendor


In an age of growing digital insecurity, when email hacking has become more common, more disruptive, and more expensive than ever, security solutions like PGP encryption are growing rapidly in popularity. BlackBerry mobile devices remain popular solutions for individuals and businesses that require more advanced security than a typical smartphone or email provider, as well as individuals who value the privacy of their communications. They are also ideal devices for PGP encryption, thanks to BES or BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which can allow you to disable browsers, cameras, apps, voice, and GPS on the device, restricting it entirely to email. By restricting devices just to email, users can protect themselves from the threat of malware that provide hackers access to networks.

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PGP Encryption from Trustworthy Vendors

By becoming a PGP encryption reseller, you can help provide your clients with the security they need to keep their information safe and their messages confidential in this day and age. PGP encryption (also known as Pretty Good Privacy) means that only the intended recipient can read the email, even if it’s intercepted by cybercriminals. But how you provide that service has a lot to do with the vendor who supplies the technology. Unfortunately, some companies continue to have a “cloak-and-dagger” mindset, while others don’t provide the 360-degree security that modern users require. What makes a vendor reliable, trustworthy, and secure?

1. No Blacklist Tactics

In the early days of PGP encryption, some companies would blacklist communication with their competitors in an attempt to corner the market. However, users quickly realized that that meant they wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone using a competing solution. It’s important to find a vendor that never uses blacklist tactics but instead employs a whitelist that will keep users safe from DDOS attacks. A large and extensive whitelist is essential to communicate with the people you want, while still keeping yourself safe from attacks. To find out more about whitelists, visit Myntex online, a PGP encryption company with extensive security measures, including a large whitelist and Radware to protect against DDOS attacks.

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2. SIM Cards

Typically, as a reseller, you source your own BlackBerry devices while the encryption company provides the email service, activated on a SIM card. Vendors such as Myntex have begun selling resellers their own SIM cards which can be activated in minutes and which are guaranteed to be compatible. SIM cards from other sources will take days to go live, and won’t always work.

3. Reseller Portal

The PGP encryption company Myntex recently launched their reseller portal and it is a resource that resellers are sure to find useful for managing their clients and payments. In addition to a pre-paid wallet system for email services, the portal also gives you 24/7 access to the emergency wipe feature. When a client loses their device, all they have to do is contact you, the reseller, and you can wipe the device with the click of a button.

4. In-House Data Center

Overseas servers, a solution frequently used to save money, is easily compromised – not just digitally, but physically as well. They are vulnerable to corruption and bribery, meaning just about anyone with the money could walk in and steal valuable information.

Look for these four features in any PGP encryption vendor before you sign up for a partnership. Provide your clientele with trustworthy, convenient, easy-to-use PGP encryption and restore their peace of mind.


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