Have You Patched Up All the Security Holes in Your Company?


As cloud technology continues to evolve over the years, it is no surprise that more and more companies are looking for reliable ways to secure data. The first step in solving a problem involves identifying where they begin in the first place. With that said, here are a few of the possible security holes that any business should look into and patch up as soon as possible:

Patch Security Holes

Prevent Security Holes in Your Organization

1. Employees Losing Access to Their Personal Devices

Whether it is because they accidentally lost their phone in a taxi or got pick-pocketed while they were walking to work, losing access to actual physical devices is one of the most common and perhaps even the easiest ways for outsiders to hack into accounts. Not only do employees compromise their own personal data, but they also put an enterprise’s security at risk as well. This is made worse if they do not set any passwords to lock their devices, or if they have set up their apps to be automatically logged in for their own convenience. In order to combat these security holes, instruct your staff to change the settings on their phones so that it’s always locked and that data is always encrypted. 

2. Threats Within Your Own Company’s Departments

While most employees do not intend to jeopardize their employer’s sensitive data, sometimes the simplest slip-ups can make confidential information end up in the wrong hands. Such situations may be the reasons of security holes. Some examples of this include when somebody accidentally sends an important document to the wrong address due to a typo or forgetting to log out of their accounts when accessing work files in a public place due to an emergency. Make sure you have a document that records every single active account in your company, as well as those that used to belong to ex-employees. The worst thing that could happen to your company is a cyber attack by a disgruntled person who holds a grudge against you and your business for whatever reason. 

3. Vulnerabilities Within Your Computers’ Programs

If you have been holding off on buying the latest operating systems or versions of the applications your staff uses on a daily basis, you are exposing your company to even greater risks of data breaches. The reason that software developers constantly release new updates is so that they can protect your computer from newly developed attacks. If your reason for holding onto outdated software is so that you can save money, just remind yourself that a single successful data breach can cost your company millions if not billions in damages.

Due to the growing prevalence of online hacks, one cannot afford to scrimp on cloud security, especially since a company’s demise may be due to a single successful breach of confidential information. Though it will help to understand the tactics that cyber attackers use, it is even more important for you to have a better picture of the many cracks within your company’s system. Only then can you begin to roll out the appropriate security protocols within your departments.


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