Parallax Design Pros and Cons – Know Before You Implement


Parallax design in web pages has been popular for a long time, but some professionals have said that the trend has already started to fade. This design essentially involves a system in which the images in the background and foreground of a website move at different calculated rates of time as the users scroll down on the website in question, thus creating a form of animation. You can better understand parallax design with While many people are still jumping on this trend, they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of parallax design.

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Parallax Design’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Parallax Design Pros

For one thing, many people will still find parallax design very visually impressive. Creating a website that actually stands out visually is very difficult at the best of times today in the face of a very jaded Internet populace. Parallax design is going to give people the kick they like from fresh, new websites.

Many visitors will spend more time on a given website if it has parallax design, potentially creating a situation in which they will also stay in order to buy the products or services being advertised.

Many companies have managed to better direct the attention of their viewers as a result of the parallax design that they use. Being able to have that much control over the viewing habits of website visitors is tremendously useful for businesses.

Parallax Design Cons

Sadly, some users are actually put off by the presence of parallax design, which lacks the user-friendliness of many other design templates. Any daring type of design like this is going to be pleasing to some people and very off-putting to others. People will gain some customers when they use this design, but they will lose other customers just as surely.

SEO is a very real problem when it comes to parallax design. The people who use it are not going to be able to take advantage of the tags and meta-description that have managed to revolutionize SEO over the course of the last few years. As such, parallax design can ultimately cost people somewhat when it comes to web page design. Search engine rankings really and truly make all the difference when it comes to web page marketing, so this does not represent a minor loss.

There’s also the fact that all of the images that people are trying to load when it comes to parallax design will only slow down the loading of websites. People have had limited patience with slow website loading since the end of the dial-up era. As such, the individuals who are trying to attract new web users are potentially going to lose those users before they have even entered a given website thanks to the parallax scrolling design.


People can’t have everything when it comes to any design setup. Singapore website design is expanding by leaps and bounds all the time, and people are not going to have to limit themselves to design formats like parallax in the first place. However, it is still an option for the people who are satisfied with accepting both the perks and perils.


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