Should You Outsource App Development?

With new technologies and the internet, you can hire talent from just about anywhere in the world. Outsourcing can provide your company flexibility and may even save you money. When it comes to deciding whether outsourcing is right for your business, it is important to consider the reasons you may benefit from hiring outside help and where your business currently stands. You know your employees and the talent your team currently possesses.

Reasons to Outsource

There are many good reasons to choose to outsource app development, especially if you don’t have a team of designers and IT specialists. Most Android Outsourcing is accomplished through agencies that employ teams of designers, developers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers. These teams are made up of individuals that are likely experienced with working with the other members of their team. Bringing members onto your team to fill in gaps is often less efficient because there are usually growing pains associated with getting new team members on the same page.

Mobile app outsourcing

You can choose to partner with an agency that specializes in mobile. They most likely have an advanced understanding of app requirements, priority features, and primary goals. You can lean on their understanding to increase the quality of your product. Outsourcing allows you to leverage the existing industry experience of your outsource partner. An app agency will also likely be familiar with the latest trends and can offer perspective.

Potential Mistakes

When hiring freelancers and outsourcing app development, you may have a lot on your mind. Hiring outside your company may offer many benefits, but you want to avoid some pitfalls that might forget to consider.

1.Time Zone Difference

A global market doesn’t come without its problems. Make sure to know what time zone your new hire lives in or, at the very least, make them aware of the time zone in which you do business. If your outsourced team isn’t available when you need them, it can cause a lot of delays. Time zone related holdups can push back your project timeline significantly. Accounting for time zone differences can save you a lot of headaches.

2.Unclear Product Idea

Always have a clear idea of the product you are looking to create and the end user you have in mind. Testing procedures need to closely imitate the scenarios you expect real end-users to experience. The idea is to create a bug-free application. Your outsourced team should be able to run tests relevant to the app and end-user it is created for. Keep in mind any restraints location might put on tests such as a GPS dependent app.

3. Incorrect User Experience

Your outsourcing partner should not be behind the times. This issue is most prevalent when using an individual or company located overseas. Freelancers in other countries may be highly skilled coders, but if they are user interfaces, workflows, and customs unique to their location, you may run into some significant problems. For instance, some countries read right to left instead of left to right. This oversight could cause a major disconnect in a user’s experience.

4. Language Problem

Communication is especially important. You want to work with a developer that is fluent in your native language. A language barrier can complicate matters and make interactions difficult. When working with individuals or companies where you aren’t sure whether the language will be an issue or not, start with a small test project if possible.

5. Unprotected Source Code

Protecting source code may be more difficult if you are working with an individual or company overseas. In the United States, trademark law, patent law, and contracts are usually enough to protect you. If you are partnering with a company based in India, there is no patent law in that country. Trademark law and contract clauses may not be able to be enforced in other countries. In instances like these, it is wise to split up your source code and limit access to databases and resources. Taking precautionary measures such as these can help reduce the risk of running into problems.

Outsourcing your app development can be a big decision. It often saves your company money and allows you to rely on the experience of an agency that specializes in mobile. It is important to keep potential mistakes in check. Screen candidates well and keep in mind potential issues like language barriers and time zones.

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