Oracle RAC Training: 10 Best Tips for Oracle Students


Oracle RAC Training in which RAC stands for Real Application Cluster. Oracle RAC is useful for application of all types as it is a technology of unique type providing scalability and availability in a higher number. This RAC is key component in Oracle. The RAC is actually a type of cluster database in which Oracle software and Oracle Clusterware are the key components. The Oracle RAC training cover a lots of topics starting from its introduction to Application notification in a faster process which also includes its installation, Clusterware administration, storage administration, workload management and performance monitoring.

Oracle RAC Training

Definition of Cluster

A cluster generally comprises of servers or computers which are interconnected which appear as there is only one single server that ends applications and users. These days there are different variants and versions of clusters out of which 11g RAC is the latest and the most advanced one. 10g RAC Clusterware is also there which is also known as CRS layer. It resides below the software layer of Oracle.

Suitable candidates for taking up the Oracle RAC training

Oracle DBAs involved in installation, monitoring and administration of Oracle RAC are the right candidates to take up this course. Applications on RAC databases that you deploy can be operated without changing the codes.

Main benefits of Oracle RAC

  1. Cost Effective- You can use the commodity hardware that are low in cost which will help in reducing the cost
  2. 24/7 Availability
  3. Grid Computing
  4. Expanding service capacity is quite easy. Servers needs to be added to the existing cluster

Why Oracle RAC training is important?

As the 10g license has already expired, the 11g R2 now is available in market. It is comparatively advanced and has the facility in porting the SID in Real Application Cluster. As per the market experts, this version is the most advanced and latest. So within very short period of time the majority of the companies will switch and shift to clusters.

10 Tips for Oracle students

  1. Oracle RAC is new
  2. Understand the full version
  3. Go through the market demand
  4. Know exactly how to make RAC environment in PC making use of freeware software
  5. Makes the proper use its key benefits
  6. Try to convince the companies to shift to Oracle RAC for better technological advancement
  7. Do optimum utilization RMAN for recovery and database back up
  8. Stay focused on the installation, architecture and administration mainly
  9. Be a better listener while attending training under experts
  10. This RAC is key component in Oracle

Objectives of Oracle RAC

  1. It will make you understand the architecture of Oracle Clusterware
  2. Troubleshoot the Oracle Clusterware
  3. Manage and configure the environment of RAC
  4. Recovery and manage backup for RAC

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