Online Marketing Trends All Marketers Should Be Aware Of

Since 2020 just started, it is the perfect time to talk about the online marketing trends you need to be aware of as a marketer. Your Q1 action plan needs to include strategies that work. That is why it is paramount that you are aware of the following trends. They are surely going to shape the new year.

Online marketing trends

Video Marketing

Video marketing will surely be a highly effective part of your overall online marketing mix in 2019. It is expected that 80 percent of the entire online content is going to eventually turn into a complete visual representation, with text becoming secondary in importance. Video can easily offer overviews of services and products, all while adding humor and entertainment value.

Social media platforms and smartphones are more used every single month. Video made its way as a true favorite among marketers. Short videos can easily effectively communicate messages, all while giving an emotional environment to the campaign.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, one of the consumer technology innovations, is so big right now that it is most likely even going to be used by an auto repair shop like Pickering’s Auto Service in Arvada in the future. An Adobe report showed that machines might end up making strategic choices for marketers sooner than we might think. Data is stored on a server, and marketing strategies are built based on suggestions given by machines. AI is undoubtedly going to change marketing.

Automated Chatboxes

You surely came across some chat boxes while you surfed the internet in the past. They are among the most common AI applications that are implemented today. Results are displayed at a really fast rate while offering a highly personalized experience the clients are going to appreciate. If you are not convinced by using automated chatboxes, you may want to know that IBM claims 85% of all the customer service interactions are going to be handled by machines by the end of 2019.

Voice Search

The use of voice search should not be a surprise for any internet marketer since the prevalence of mobile devices to use the internet is higher than ever. As more and more people will start to use such gadgets and devices like Google Home become more popular, it is expected that voice search use will keep increasing. Marketers basically need to offer content that is suitable for voice command input. The optimization that is done should take the voice commands into account.

An Increase in Content Development

People read newsletters, articles, blogs, and keep watching videos every single day. Marketers know this, and they answer the research needs of potential customers through high-quality content. There is a clear increase in how much content needs to be delivered for businesses, with 2019 being no different than in 2018. The only thing that changes is the medium that is used. We already mentioned the prevalence of video content. Nobody really knows how content development will change in the near future, but it is a certainty that successful marketers are those that manage to stay up-to-date with trends.

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