Nonda iHere 3.0 Never Lose Your Keys Again – Review

After reviewing the Nonda Zus smart car charger, we are going to tell you about Nonda iHere 3.0. A tiny but useful gadget is designed to find a lost key or other things that can be attached to it.

Nonda iHere – Car key finder has an elegant triangular shape and looks very beautiful. This device can be charged with a smartphone using a USB adaptor. The user can charge it through a computer.

According to device documentation claims, once the device is fully charged, it can last for several weeks. We did not cross-check the feature in our testing. The team has tested Nonda iHere for several days and still showing fully charged. Overall it’s a good thing.

Nonda iHere 3.0 Car Key Finder

Nonda iHere App – Car Key Finder

Don’t think it is just built only to find keys. It’s something more than that. Using the companion app, one can easily take selfies, find the car, make calls, and record voice memos. Nonda iHere app is a little bit different but slightly complex. This app operates in two modes – Click and Find. Most users choose the Find mode.

1. Find Mode

Consider a situation when someone puts keys somewhere in the house and not able to remember where the keys are. The user only needs to press the Find button given on the iHere app, and an alert will reach the iHere gadget, and it will start beeping louder at 85dB.

Nonda iHere 3.0 uses Bluetooth to Find function. Bluetooth technology saves the battery life but the limited only to a 75-foot radius. For in-house use, this gadget is suitable, don’t forget humans are mobile. But you have the option of the map which shows the last known location of the keys.

Nonda iHere 3.0 Car Key Finder + Selfie Remote

Separation alarm button useful when keys and phone part companies for any reason. The alarm will switch off automatically.

2. Click Mode

As we’ve already told you, Nonda iHere 3.0 has Click mode, so we must give a try. Click mode has four options – take selfies, make a call, find a car, and record voice. To use any of the functions, one should click the on the relevant button on the phone and after this click button given on the front of the iHere gadget.

Take Selfies

For instance, to turn on the front-facing camera of the phone, one should need to press the Take Selfies button. To click the shot, just press the button given on the iHere gadget, isn’t it simple?

Nonda iHere 3.0 Car Key Finder - Selfie Remote

Voice Recorder

The given voice recorder works quite similarly. The voice recorder option is for those who want to record voice and don’t want to touch their phone in front of someone. You can better understand rest; how can it be used?

Car Finder

The Car finder option enables users to pin vehicle location via GPS manually. For this purpose, one should need to press two buttons, first the Car Finder button within the app, followed by the front button of the Nonda iHere gadget. The distance and direction of your car will be pinned within the compass display.

Nonda iHere Performance

As compared to product built for daily use evaluating the performance of rarely used gadget can’t be appropriately measurable. This kind of device comes to mind of those who live unorganized and keep their room like junk box. Either if not sure about where you’ve parked a car or can’t remember where left your keys. It can’t happen daily to someone.


Nonda iHere’s volume is louder. When running late, find keys with just one click. One can click and take selfies or group photos very quickly without touching the phone. Additional features on the board and will be available for free.

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