Google Cardboard Bringing Nintendo Virtual Boy Games Back to Life


Virtual reality games are not as new as they may seem. Nintendo actually premiered a virtual reality gaming console that did not succeed with gamers. As a result, they shut that project down and nothing was ever heard about it again. However, a Redditor may just have revived the old Nintendo virtual reality games.

Virtual reality games

How does it work?

Google has recently launched their platform for the gaming world. They intend to be able to develop over the coming years with input from across the board. This is how the company has built up most of its success stories. As of now, the gaming console is still simple enough to be tweaked without any major complications. With a few minor adjustments, one can use Google Cardboard to play all the old Nintendo games that never worked out.

What are Virtual Reality Games?

Virtual reality is the ability to experience a game in 3D. This concept has already been applied to movies with a lot of success. It is now shifting to gaming, where it is expected to have huge success financially. In fact, most people see as the only future for gaming. In virtual reality, you do not just watch the game happen; you become incorporated into the game.

In most cases, virtual reality involves the use of biosensors. For instance, you may wear a glove that is fitted with sensors. Each time you make a move, you will be able to see that move translated into an action in the game.

In addition to gaming, this concept of virtual reality is moving beyond that. For instance, the VR internet is developing at a fast pace. This could have many implications for different sectors of the economy. As with the creation of the internet a few decades ago, nobody knows what direction this technology will take. However, companies like Google and Microsoft are working hard to ensure they are no left out. For instance, Google has already launched the Google Cardboard. This is a simple invention that is their entry point into this trendy game.

What is Required?

In order to play the game, one will need an Android phone. One also needs Retroarch that is designed for Android. In addition, you will also need to have Google Cardboard.

Mednafen VB is the most recommended core for Virtual Boy for Retroarch. This will enable one to render the old Nintendo VR games in 2D. As of now, a mechanism for outputting 3D images side-by-side does not exist. This would be the easier way to process for the Google cardboard set up.

The reason for using Retroarch is that it features something known as ‘Video Shaders’. This allows for the creation of VR friendly side-by-side images. For those who do not like the red color, they can adjust the image to grayscale. This is especially great for people who experience headaches when using the Red for VR games. At the end of it all, this method offers the cheapest means of playing VR games i.e virtual reality games.

The Short Version

The Google Cardboard is a way for you to raise a tiny bod, which has lenses in it to one side of your face. From there, you get the opportunity to travel to many different virtual worlds. At one moment, you might be staring at dinosaurs walking past you and in the next into space.

You can also be able to attend a concert, right from the comfort of your home. Immediately the box comes off your face, you are back at home. The Google Cardboard is just that; it is a cardboard box with the phone inside. You can use it to watch videos or play complex games. According to tech news, Google is already forming long-term partnerships with manufacturers to create something durable. Towards this end, they have launched a number of their games on the play store.

What Does this New Tweak Have to Offer?

There were a number of reasons the Nintendo virtual reality games never took off. The main reason was that no one was really interested in playing Virtual reality at that time. Besides that, very few developers jumped in for the opportunity. As a result, most of the games were more of the same.

Besides that, people who tried to play these games complained of motion sickness. This aspect combined with the fact that the games were boring led to their death. This new reinvention of the game does not suffer from these problems. This is according to the Redditor who has found a way to bring them back to life.

Does it have a Future?

The Nintendo games may be fun to play for a while, but they are grossly outdated. In addition, not many young people are likely to be willing to waste all that time coming up with their own VR games. Nintendo has been struggling to launch consoles in the recent past and with the invention of the smartphone, the company’s handheld consoles are having a hard time in the market.


Although this is a nice invention, it does not seem to have much of a future. However, people who love Nintendo and feel nostalgic can still try out. However, it is a bit technical and may require more than one try to get it to work.


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