Motorcycle Tech that Will Keep You Safer on the Road

There are always dangers on the road when you’re riding a motorcycle, and riding a motorcycle means you’re short the protection offered by the body of a car.  The opened road means something a little different on a motorcycle, so it’s vital that you understand safety.

Safety is the most important concept to understand before you go blazing your own trail on your new motorbike, as 99 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injury.  Take a few moments now, and read through a quick synopsis of some of the best tech-savvy tools keeping motorcyclists safer on the road.

Motorcycle tech keep you safer

Air-bag clothing for riders

Air-bags haven’t really been a possibility for motorcyclists until recently.  They are not a standard addition to the cycles themselves, but you can now purchase air-bag clothing for added safety.

Vests, jackets, and bodysuits for the common motorcyclist are now becoming more standard.  The clothing is equipped with the ability to detect an imminent collision and deploy within milliseconds.

Adaptive headlights enhance vision

Motorcycles of the past have been notorious for their small headlights.  Riding around with only one light to reveal your path ahead through the darkness of night is much less dangerous when you have an adaptive headlight.

Adaptive headlights will pivot around corners along with your bike for more efficient lighting.  They are also capable of adjusting brightness without the need for the cyclist to flip a switch.

High-tech helmets for navigation/communication

It’s quite common for touchscreen and Bluetooth navigation to come standard on a new four-wheeled vehicle, but motorcyclists don’t have the luxury of time to fool with a touchscreen on the road.

The coolest helmet on the roads offers the ability to manage GPS navigation, phone calls, and listen to music without ever taking a hand off the handlebars.  You won’t have to fiddle with your devices at stoplights anymore, either.

The AR-1 helmet by Skully is the top of the line in terms of high-tech motorcycle helmets.  It uses augmented reality display for GPS navigation, Bluetooth communication options, and it even has a rear-facing camera projection in the helmet for more precise reverse actions.

Stability control systems

Hitting a sharp curve at high speeds can be super tricky to manipulate on a motorbike, but new stability control systems will protect riders against falls.  The newest instability control includes sensors that will automatically slow the engine and apply the brakes if the bike’s pitch shifts too wildly.

The systems are especially useful on winding roads, sand, gravel or rocks.  Crashing is much more difficult to achieve when you’re on a bike equipped with stability control systems.

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