What is Modicon M580? Its Features and Benefits

Over time, businesses have incorporated several trending technologies into their business model or their workplace. One such example was the Internet of Things (IoT), which proved to be of significant use to the manufacturing sector, providing impressive results. Based on the current scenario, it is expected that around 75.44 billion devices will be connected to IoT between 2015 to 2025.

To match the growth & expansion of IoT across major industries, it has become important to analyze and use efficient controllers to handle the demand. To satiate this emerging need in the industries, a high-end controller that also enables IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) has been introduced into the market. Say hello to the Modicon M580.

Schneider Electric Modicon m580 ePAC Safety Controller

What is Modicon M580 Safety Controller?

The Modicon M580 is way more than just a simple Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). With ethernet at its core, Modicon M580 is the first ePAC in the world. Made by Schneider Electric, it is also the first smart/connected ePAC built for the Industrial Internet of Things, which improves productivity and efficiency in the best feasible manner.

The Modicon M580 can be effectively merged with Unity PAC’s existing features present in trending technologies to provide it with a strong Ethernet base. Moreover, this has been the main reason for its success in optimizing communications and connectivity with the Internet. Modicon M580 has been designed to provide total flexibility, and it enhances efficiency in all major operations of medium and large applications. It targets water and wastewater plants, hydropower, oil, mining, transportation, and gas.

Features of Modicon M580

Here are some of the features that the ePAC that can offer to its businesses:

Effective performance

The efficiency of Modicon M580 can be judged by its CPU, which performs excellently with an interface of 1Gbps Ethernet. The standby of the CPU is an additional advantage to the efficiency of the performance, along with redundant power supplies. Modicon M580 also has Advanced RISC Machines – a new generation dual-core processor. The communication jitters are minimized with a dedicated processor, which also helps deliver high-end, affordable solutions to all the major process applications. Thus, the performance of Modicon M580 is reliable at all times, in the present & the future.


Modicon M580 is embedded with the latest security techniques, ensuring that sensitive information is well protected under all circumstances. The security standards are compliant with IEC62443 along with an Archilles™ Level 2 certification. Modicon M580 offers large memory, fast processing, correction of errors, and the entire process’s traceability backed up with the latest security features. The use of the latest technologies in maintaining the system’s security makes integration with the latest machinery easy and convenient. All businesses can use this without worrying about any security.

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PlantStruxure Controller

With Modicon M580 in your system, you don’t have to worry about using any other controller for the PlantStruxure – popularly known and used as Schneider Electric’s collaborative and integrated automation architecture. PlantStruxure connects all the needs of your business, from the beginning until the end. It is one of the trending necessities of every business, and Modicon M580 accelerates the implementation of this requirement in its best form.

Less downtime

One of the major problems that most businesses face with controllers is a higher rate of downtime. With more load on the controller, the downtime also increases. But Modicon M580 is one such exception in this matter. It offers an availability rate of 99.9996% most of the time for all the operations that it performs. There would be no time when you would be needing Modicon M580, and it won’t be available to perform the needed task for you. The Modicon M580 is always ready to serve you with the needed assistant because of its higher availability rate and lesser downtime. The higher availability rate is because of the redundant power supply and CPUs.

Convenient modernization

Any business will require the time-to-time modification of existing technologies and software. This is one of the major challenges that they all face. Modicon M580, embedded with an EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly known as Unity Pro), makes the entire process of transition from a PLC state to a PAC state without any risks. Thus, businesses can be extremely sure that they are not risking their present situation during the migration process while achieving the same affordably and seamlessly.

Improved productivity

With an Ethernet-enabled core that provides high-end security, easy and convenient modernization, and lesser downtime, Modicon M580 aims to improve the business’s productivity. With the integration of the latest trending technologies into businesses, the automated controller helps enhance productivity for years to come.

Benefits of Modicon M580

Along with the amazing features that it has to offer, here are some of the benefits as a result:

  1. Improved reliability
  2. Easily manageable
  3. Improved efficiency
  4. Increased revenue in lesser time


Modicon M580 is the perfect safety controller that can be trusted for all your business’s future needs, especially when it comes down to the Internet of Things.

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