Mobile Technology Advancements Speed Up the Growth of Tourism


It is the right time for travel when the developments are head-spinning and the world is so full of opportunities. Technology has made most travelers around the world much more technology-savvy than in the past. The internet and the advancements in mobile technology have revolutionized the tourism industry. Tourism is one field which is greatly influenced by the developments in technology.

Tourism Industry and Technology

The first area of tourism is the marketing of the tourism destinations, products, and services. Selling tourism products and services online is not only price-conscious but also an inspiration for all the travelers in the world. The online sites or information centers stimulate the browsers to travel more and more. Digital marketing, search engine marketing, mobile, and location-based marketing reach the potential traveler today within a fraction of a second. The second area is the infrastructure of the organization which determines the readiness to respond to customer requirements. Since more travelers expect personalized products & services, tourism businesses should have tools that can store and monitor information that meets the needs of their customers.

Tourism industry growth with mobile technology

In this age of technology in which we live, the tourism industry is fast adopting a third “T”: Travel, Tourism, and Technology. Technology serves the needs of travelers, companies, and destinations. Technology helps us to improve the operations of our facilities and destinations. It also allows us to better understand and manage the clients and to understand competitions better. Let us look at some ways of how technology helps to the growth of tourism industry:

1. Social networks

For tourist attractions that are visited by people of a huge range of backgrounds and nationalities, social media networks represent huge potential for providing direct and immediate access to their visitors. Information about the various tourist spots is very much required for the travelers. Some such parameters are given below:

  • Information about packages, opening hours, admission prices.
  • Historical information
  • Images and video clips of the place
  • Online reservation
  • Information about other on-site attractions.

2. Increased competitiveness through technology and innovation

Some tour services present tourism industry with tools that can overcome many challenges which the industry is facing at present. Such a tool monitors, measures, analyzes and models the flows of visitors to different destinations. It aims to provide objective, empirical, real-time data that help us understand the consumption patterns of destination visitors.

3. Technology for the hotels of the future

A few service provider aims to establish a model for the hotel of the future. They can have six subprojects namely conceptual motor, construction, interior, interaction with the user, safety & security and the hotel and the internet. This is a project which is fully based on innovation. It will make use of advanced and innovative technologies to better suit the tourism sector in the coming years.

4. Cloud destination

Cloud technology enables businesses in order to focus resources and efforts on improving the customer lifecycle. This project aims to create a global platform for tourism to generate information and to provide cloud services to the industry value chain. This will also involve a series of tools to generate a cloud, integrating web destinations, observatories, distribution channels etc.


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