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CRM (Customer relationship management) is becoming the newest fad these days. Why? Because of the CRM software small-size business to large-scale enterprises have been able to withhold customers and enhance their experience. Observing the popularity of CRM systems now a lot of CRM mobile apps are available online, making it possible for the enterprise employees to work without remaining glued to their desks. I’ve listed some of the best-in-class mobile CRM applications that will allow you to add tasks, view log calls, or view the status of your project from anywhere.

mobile crm applications

Resco Mobile CRM for Dynamic

Resco mobile crm

If you’re looking for one of the best application that let you access your data via your Android device on the go, then you should opt for Resco Mobile CRM app. It is a client of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It best-fit the need of people who often need remote access to data in real-time like sales people, field technicians etc.

Since Resco Mobile CRM works in the online and offline mode as well, you can easily view, create, modify and even delete your data as and when required. In order to make the app work, you simply need to install it on your Android device and connect to the Dynamics CRM. And you’re done! now you can start using the application. With Resco, you can build new orders, schedule appointments, access information related to accounts and contacts, and more.

Vtiger CRM Mobile

vtiger crm mobile

Vtiger CRM has been a popular software which every reputed iPhone Application Development Company will definitely recommend and also it is popular among business organizations owing to the ease it provides to the marketing team to organize customer data and improve customer experiences. And now thanks to the Vtiger CRM mobile app you can engage with your customers from anywhere. The application is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Vtiger lets you view and create/edit most (though not all) of the CRM records in the offline mode. It helps to set up mobile alerts and organize tasks. Moreover, it allows importing leads and customer contact details from the business cards. If you want to grow your sales irrespective of the place from where you’ll be working on your business processes, then Vtiger Mobile CRM best suits your needs.

Sugar Mobile

Sugar mobile crm

Sugar Mobile is an extension of the Sugar Professional Edition or the Sugar Enterprise Edition. It is the perfect app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone phones and Android, making it easy to access and interact with the customer data stored in the Sugar CRM via the handheld devices while on the move. It allows to create and view a log of the calls made on your mobile devices. What’s more? With Sugar Mobile, you can even tweak the system data and update it in real-time.

The application lets you view events jotted down in your personal activity screen (that is created on daily basis). It makes use of the quick create the menu to simplify the tasks. Sugar Mobile melds the diverse aspects of an app with the augmentation of conventional CRM business processes.


Batch book crm

Batchbook is considered to be an ideal CRM for small business. It’s a simplified tool that lets you build relationship with your customers. It comes with an iPhone app that allows users to get access to the basic Batchbook CRM functionality and contacts on social networks via your mobile phones. All the changes made via the app will also get reflected in the main Batchbook account, as they’re synched with the account.

It provides each worker in the organization with the most up-to-date information, so as to better manage their conversations with the clients. The application provides analytics to help improve the marketing investments. It is also available for Android users.

Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce chatter crm

Salesforce Chatter app is utilized by over 80,000 companies around the world and is also recommended by most of the professionals including skilled iPhone Application Developers. For instance, its been used by niche companies such as Dell, which clearly signifies its popularity. This is the best app that will help make your companies employees more productive. It makes use of the most coveted social features of the social networking sites. For instance, it leverages Facebook features — such as status updates, real-time feeds and more to explore the ways to raise productivity. And help understand employees to only follow the people, and access data that are of utmost important to the business.

Let’s Wrap Up!
So, if you want to augment your business and workers’ productivity then you should have a glance at the aforementioned top 5 CRM mobile apps – that will take your business wherever you move!


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