Mobile Commerce Current Trends to Change Industry


According to the statistics, the popularity of mobile trends has increased rapidly with the passage of time. Several business people are shifting towards mobile commerce as it is more convenient and easy option. Considering the statistics of mobile commerce there are many new trends emerging to increase the productivity. Sky telephone number can prove to be useful especially when people want services related to satellite, broadcasting, radio services etc.

Around 47% of people use their smart devices to search for any information, and 42% people check the inventory of a store before they go for shopping to that place.

Study also reveals that around one third of total people purchased items at least once through their devices in the previous six months. In 2010, mobile commerce formed just 3% of the total e commerce and until last year, it had increased till 11%.

People using their smartphones consider it as one of the main resources of information. People browse through information about 150 times in the entire day through their phone, and this number is increasing every day.

Mobile commerce trends
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Mobile Commerce Trends

With respect to the given figures, here is some of the Mobile Commerce trend that has emerged this year.

1. In-store Product Scanning

Various retailers are capitalizing over their mobile applications for their customers. It enables the customers to get extra information on the product, rating and reviews. It also offers easy check out functionality for scanning customer’s credit card and their details along with previous purchasing details.

According to iModerate research technology and Chadwick Martin Bailey, 70% of users go through the in store help through their IPhone and 41% of users use their smart device to shop directly.

2. Mobile Loyalty Cards

It is a part of mobile wallet trend. It helps in increasing bond between customer and the brand. The most beneficial part is that it increases with every visit and customers can earn these points, save them through loyalty cards, and use it in future.

3. Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons have an important part to play in expanding the popularity of mobile commerce development program. According to BI intelligence report, digital revenue received through mobile coupons is approximately 10% against redemption rate of 1% print coupons.

It is one of the most successful ways of getting consumer data while this chance is not available through in store coupon redemption.

4. Mobile Wallets

Nowadays various types of mobile wallets are available in the market such as loyalty cards, boarding passes, coupons, e-tickets etc. Google mobile market focuses more on user experience as compared to technology.

Such technologies are growing continuously and expanding their horizon so that user can benefit more from technology.

Mobile commerce is a safe mode and can help in transferring money from one place to another without any problem. It also helps in improving business no matter what the field is. In this commercialization time, if a person wants to enhance their business productivity and stay in contact with their customers’ then mobile commerce is the best way to follow. These trends are the latest buzz in the market, and will take mobile commerce to a new level.


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