Should You Go for Mobile Application Development?


Apps are quickly moving from the frontier to the mainstream of modern technology. Many hope to strike it big with their fantastic new idea. And while there is certainly a place for inventive products to make a mark, there is almost an app for everything out there. Mobile application development should be considered at right time to get right results.

So it is difficult to determine when an existing app can fill your need or if there are simply too many similar ideas already for sale which would squelch your app’s chances. For entrepreneurs considering jumping into app creation, here are some basics about when and where to start.

Mobile application development
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Is Mobile Application Development Required?

What Makes This Idea Different

With over one million apps for sale in Apple’s app store, your app needs a compelling reason to exist. Some of the best qualities to shoot for include:

  1. Originality—there is nothing else quite like it
  2. Superior design and usability—improves an idea making it the best choice
  3. Offers a unique feature that users can’t live without

For companies considering application development as a marketing tool, there must be a greater goal than “just outreach and exposure,” says the Business Insider. An app needs to provide a service. If you can incorporate this, then it might make a fantastic marketing tool.

Some classic examples of mobile marketing success come from restaurants like Starbucks, Chipotle and Pizza Hut. Starbucks allows for mobile payments at the register and keeps track of rewards. Chipotle’s app lets customers beat the lunchtime rush by placing orders on their mobile devices. Pizza Hut lets users build their own pizza by virtually adding toppings.

Which Route Should You Take?

Once you have discovered the perfect function for your app, you are ready to decide how to start. Individuals with lots of tech experience and time might be brave enough to try the DIY (do it yourself) route of building your own app. For others, it is probably best to contract the project out to a development team who can help create a polished product.

Companies who want to create a custom app have two general options. Hiring a design firm is a great way to ensure a quick and quality app that will have all the bugs worked out. But some businesses will opt for assembling an in-house team. This might take more time as it requires training a team. But the pay-off will be having employees with the skills to generate updates, monitor and troubleshoot the app.

Armed with these tips, you will be prepared to think about starting your own custom mobile application development.


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