Measuring App Install Campaigns – 5 Crucial Questions


The mobile user base is growing exponentially and people are purchasing and installing applications on their smartphones like they are just another commodity product. This haphazardness has created a state of commotion among app developers who are coming across several difficulties in measuring app install campaign statistics.

You see, unless you have an idea, who are your prospective customers, what exactly is your user base and from where does the target audience comes; it is unlikely that you will be able to enhance the visibility of your app and capitalize on it to the maximum effect. The following section in this regard compiles some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to measuring app install campaign statistics. Take a look.

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5 Crucial Questions Related to Measuring App Install Campaigns

1. Who is the Most Feasible Customer?

In the absence of a campaign tracker, it is hard to figure out what exactly is the user-group that downloads your application rather frequently. Knowing who your best users are is the key to targeting the right audience and bringing more customers towards downloading your application.

Acquiring information on whether your app is being downloaded by men, women, or children will allow you to make your app more useful for the prospective audience that will ultimately lead to enhancing the download figure.

2. What exactly is happening?

Tracking the exact engagement of customers with the application is extremely necessary to figure out what exactly they are up to. Whether customers reached to the final download page, whether they downloaded your app or simply left after visiting the page; these are some important questions, answers to which will greatly help you to monitor the exact interaction of the customer with the application.

This can be made possible only via a campaign tracking application that will let you know the exact metrics of the performance of your ad campaign.

3. When Was Your App Downloaded?

Figuring out the exact time frame when your app got maximum hits or was downloaded a maximum number of times will greatly help you to narrow down your target audience depending on the time parameters. If at a particular time period, your app was visited a maximum number of times, you can increase the spent of your ad campaign for that particular time slot, so that number of people download your application.

4. Where Was Your App Downloaded?

To scale up your user base, it is important to be aware of the demographic specifications of users downloading your application. In a bid to enhance the visibility of applications, developers tend to post their apps for download on multiple platforms on the internet. It is important to know on which platform maximum app downloads were registered so that you can channel your ad resources towards that particular platform. This improves the download figure rather substantially.

5. Why Was Your App Downloaded?

Once app developers come to know about all the ingredients that created the recipe for a profitable return in app downloads, this process can be repeated over and over again to deliver lucrative results in succession. Ad campaigns optimized using the combination of several parameters is likely to provide more fruitful results that ultimately enhance the overall productivity of the ad campaigns. In addition to successful results, this combination will also allow app marketers to minimize unnecessary wastage of ad resources.

These are some of the common questions, answers to which are extremely important if you are planning on acquiring a measuring app for your ad campaign. If you have any queries in this regard, you may input them in the comment section below.


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