How to Fly A Drone and Enjoy A Longer Battery Life?

Once your hobby for flying takes off, you gain wisdom. For example, a beginner may not realize how quickly a battery loses power. One with wisdom, however, knows ways to maxing battery power to fly a drone.

How to Optimizing Battery to Fly A Drone?

Extend drone flight time by optimizing battery power

1. Get Rid of the Camera

Obviously, video cams are incredible accessories, and drone fliers can make lots of money recording for businesses. But the camera adds weight and drains the battery. In some cases, the camera is connected to the drone itself, further depleting the battery power. Unless you need it for commercial or immediate personal purposes, take the camera off.

2. Downsize the Propellers

Likewise, propellers add weight to the drone and take a toll on battery power. Unless, your drone is considerably heavy, requiring larger propellers, or you are toting a video camera, downsize your propellers to alleviate stress on the battery. Experiment with sizes, finding a nice β€˜sweet spot’ where you are not sacrificing performance but adding time in the sky.

3. Don’t Over or Undercharge the Batteries

You can influence the life of battery power by over-charging or under-charging. As a rule, never overcharge a battery. You lessen the life of a battery by allowing it to get entirely depleted. Some exercise the 20-80 rule, keeping the battery charged somewhere between 20% to 80%. Consult the Dronethusiast top drones on the sales list to compare models and sizes.

4. Find the Right Conditions

Perhaps it’s your intention to film a rainstorm or an exceptionally windy day. Extreme outdoor conditions, however, drain a battery power a lot quicker than a fair day. Depending on the velocity of winds, a battery needs to work a lot harder to keep a drone stabilized and moving in particular directions.

Battery charging

5. Schedule the Charging

It makes sense to plug in a drone after use. But doing so shortens the life of the battery; unless you plan on going right back out and flying, put battery pack down. Schedule your charging time, ideally refreshing the battery a couple of hours before flying.

6. Get Extra Batteries

Keep an extra set of batteries charged and ready in case the first set gets drained. As mentioned, it’s not best practice to allow batteries to deplete. Therefore, an added set of batteries allows you to subscribe to the 20-80 rule while having more time to take to the sky.

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7. Consider a DIY Kit

Some drone models have a shorter life span. Those are the facts. You could escape such manufacturer limitations by building your model. It does require an enjoyment of tinkering and some trial and error, yet many prefer building their own. Ask an experienced flier for assistance or watch online tutorials.

8. Tailor the Look and Lighten the Load

You may need large propellers, but you could lighten the load by removing the prop guards. Additionally, get rid of whatever looks more like it’s there for cosmetics versus necessity. Take notice of DIY models that adopt more of a skeletal appearance but friendlier on batteries.

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