How to Master App Development with Simple Tips?


Most app developers fail to make a mark with their first app. In fact, several developers take more than a few apps before finding any success. This is mainly because new developers who master app development tend to focus on the backend aspect of things more while neglecting several other factors that go into building an app that people will love and regularly use.

But it doesn’t have to be so. While it is crucial to make sure that the app is technically sound, it is equally important to remember about making a great first impression. If your first app creates a wave amongst users, your future apps will automatically be easier to market and sell. Follow these 5 simple steps to make sure that your app and all your hard work realize their full potential.

5 Tips for Master App Development Newbies

Master app development
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1. Develop for Multiple Platforms

Unless your app is solving problems for specific Mobile platform users like Android or iOS users, do not make the rookie mistake of developing your app only for one platform. By ignoring one platform, you lose out on a chunk of business at one go. Therefore, it is essential to tap all leading platforms to maximize user base and revenue. For instance, if you make a simple budgeting app for Android that takes off rather well, chances are you will be beating on the iOS platform by one of many studios waiting to emulate successful app ideas across platforms.

2. Test it Inside Out

It is not uncommon to see a well marketed and advertised app fail solely due to bad testing practices. Inadequate testing always results in users dealing with few, or sometimes several disruptive bugs and issues. This not only hampers user experience drastically but also hurts the developer’s reputation in a significant manner. If you don’t find enough time to test your app extensively, hire professional testers to help you out. Another strategy to consider is to initially release the app to limited users for beta testing. Once these users help you identify major issues, fix them before announcing the final release.

3. Do Your Research and Use it

An app that tries to woo everyone and offer everything almost always fails. As a developer, it is your responsibility to identify the biggest needs of the target market. Post identification of the needs, develop the features of your app to deliver on these fronts effectively. An app that solves one or few problems expertly has a much higher chance of succeeding than an app that offers everything. For a good idea, research few hits and few miss apps for a detailed comparative study. Identify key points of strategic difference, and use them to your advantage.

Mobile app analytics

4. Make Analytics Your Friend

If you want to master app development then forgetting to include analytic services for your app can be a big blunder. Analytic services are crucial in tracking different kinds of responses your app is receiving. Including analytics in your decision-making process helps make more data-driven decisions on fronts like content, design, and user experience. For example, by using analytics services on your app, you can easily identify which parts of the app are drawing most user attention, and which parts are failing to retain any. You can then use this data to make changes in design or content of non-performing areas in order to enhance the user experience of the app.

5. Advertise Wisely

Mobile app advertising done smartly is the need of the hour. Even great apps don’t just sell themselves. A coordinated effort must be made to inform mobile users about your app, and why they should install it. Several app studios realize this and pump in thousands of dollars into advertising but fail to see any results, particularly because their ads lack any useful insight. Avoid this by first clearly identifying your target group. Try to gather insights by mingling with people who fit the criteria of your target group, and use them to create and distribute ads that will actually drive people to install your app.

We believe you guys loved ideas about master app development process that must be considered while planning.


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