It’s so hard to find decent help today for us, entrepreneurs. Both people and software constantly fail our expectations. But are there exceptions?And can be these fulfilled by marketing automation apps?

Marketing automation apps

How Marketing Automation Can Work for Your Small Business?

We keep hearing about how awesome marketing automation is on a constant basis. It’s become a massive buzzword in business circles, a force to be reckoned with. And yet, after all of the time and efforts we’ve invested into this trend we have only realized one thing – it doesn’t work.

People, our clients, expect a personalized, friendly approach today. They expect specific treatment from us and reward only those entrepreneurs with loyalty who can keep up with the challenge.

But how, how can someone keep in touch with hundreds of contacts all alone or in company of a rather small team one can afford at the beginning of his business? Perhaps automation isn’t such a bad idea, we just used the wrong tools?

How Automation in Business Should Work?

Automation is not here to do all the power lifting for us; the Bitrix24 CRM is just here to take away the routine. Here’s an example: if you have a list of leads in one base and enough data about these people – break the list apart into segments.

Send a different message to people from Brooklyn than you would to all NY residents. Laser focus your deal to fit their needs locally. This way you are still covering a lot of ground with a single email and you remain personalized. You showcase respect to your prospect’s needs rather than shoving a bland “fit for all” message down their throats.

Segmentation, for once, does not have to be geo-based. Have particular offers for single moms or taxi drivers or whoever else. This is how you display care while the process is still on the wheels of automation.

What Are the Apps that Can Help?

Here’s a mighty list of tools and resources you can use to automate your marketing and sales efforts:

  • Bitrix will give access to custom lead forms, ways of contacting prospects via web and email, it will automate your lead’s distribution and qualification, provide you with quotes and invoice functionality and so much more. The best part about Bitrix is that it’s free meaning you won’t be losing a dime for giving it a shot.
  • Constant Contact. This is a dedicated tool for email marketing. The best part about it is a handy, intuitive interface. You don’t have to be a tech wizard to run and operate the app smoothly.
  • This is one of the oldest apps on the market. The team behind Marketo has an immense experience behind back and they’ve dedicated the entirety of it in order to enhance and tailor the app’s features to people’s needs. The app is rather expensive and is considered a next-level solution for those of us who are firmly on our feet with marketing automation and the basics are not enough anymore. The price tag is corresponding. Marketo kicks off from $1.195 per month.

Are there any other amazing marketing automation tools that I have missed and you are sure they work? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below!